Meet This Sales Coach: Candace Chatman Found Power And Strength In A Place Where She Had None. Her Business Blossomed Through That Adversity

Candace Chatman had to grow up incredibly fast. Her childhood was filled with emotional turmoil and physical loss. This had a major impact on her decision to push ahead and become an entrepreneur. When challenges occur in life, we can choose two different paths: we can let them get the best of us or we can fight back. Through her story, it is evident that Candace chose to be a fighter and to never let the difficulties she was faced with stop her from achieving her dreams and succeeding.

“By the time I was born, my mother was suffering from kidney failure. I watched her slowly slip away right before my eyes.  After my mother passed away, my dad started suffering from alcoholism and depression. And then later found out he had prostate cancer (twice). You can either look back or move forward. I decided early on to move forward. I knew that I would be the one to create the life I desired and that no one else could do it for me.” Candace recounts.

Now, Candace runs a successful business where she teaches people how to communicate more effectively through the use of social media, specifically through Direct Messages or DMs. They are an effective way to sell products, but widely underutilized by many entrepreneurs and their social media platforms. The DM is a message and notification that is paid attention to by most people because they are an important part of direct contact. Anyone can like a photo, but it is a different form of contact to be directly messaging someone. This is exactly what Candace stresses in her business.

“People want to know who you are and talk to you. I’m able to sell high-ticket coaching packages by directly having conversations with ideal clients.” Candace shares.

In addition to her scrappy attitude and ability to find strength, the way that Candace differentiates herself from her competitors is by speaking plainly and clearly to her customers. She never wants to scare them off with jargon or difficult-to-understand concepts, so she keeps her language and message simple to be the most accessible to everyone.

“I think a lot of my competition is very focused on hiding all of their expertise and methodologies and being very fluffy when it comes to their messaging. I try to communicate myself in a way that’s very clear for people to understand. At least within my small ecosystem of people, I see a lot of people talking in circles, trying to be so esoteric and complicated and it really scares customers away. I think more than ever the consumer is too sophisticated to just buy fluff. They are going to buy from those who can clearly communicate what they sell.” Candace says.

Candace is no stranger to challenges within business. When she first started out, she was an eager Life Coach looking to find a community within the online space. She quickly realized how important it is to find the right people who can truly help you.

“I remember being so eager to be a part of a coaching program that could help me take my business to the next level. One of my very  first investments turned out to have hardly any ROI and was with a coach and community that was not aligned with my values. It’s important to do your research, but also know that it’s okay if you have spent money that wasn’t worth it in the end. Take it as a lesson learned and don’t let it hold you back from investing again.” Candace states.

Building a business isn’t easy and oftentimes there will be moments that make you want to give up. Candace encourages her audience to keep showing up even when no one is watching. Many may look out the current environment and think this is a time to dial back their business, but that’s not what Candace believes. 

“I know we are in a pandemic and you might be worried that selling your services is insensitive or difficult during this time, but this is not true. Everyone is turning to the online space, looking for ways to solve their problems and enhance their life. So show up and tell your audience what you are selling. If you do this well you will enroll clients into your offers.” Candace explains.

To find out more about Candace and how to help coaches connect with their audience and successfully sell their coaching programs, you can follow her on instagram here and on her website

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