Meet Canada’s Under 20 Businessman Idrees Kickz founder of best Sneaker selling page in Canada Woiair. 

Idrees Kickz also known as Mohammad Edris Hashimi, is known as the youngest entrepreneur of Canada and a proficient name in the sneaker industry.

 Idrees kickz, a boy from Toronto, Ontario was interested in business since a young age and was fascinated by footwear, especially sneakers. He had made up his mind to start an his entreprenuerial journey with sneakers. In the meantime, e-commerce had gained popularity, and that’s what helped Idrees grow his online business and gain popularity in a very short period of time. 

Idrees’s road of success wasn’t an easy one, it was full of obstacles, but his hard work and determination helped him cross the hurdles reach success. Idrees kickz quotes,”I began my journey by dealing in premium editions of sneakers from well known brands which I used to resell for a small margin. Within a short span of time I gained in-depth knowledge of the sneaker business and was all set to launch my own e-commerce brand ‘Woiair’”.

It was 2015, when Idrees found his own company, naming it Woiair, which went on to become one of its kind in coming times. Presently, Woiair is known as one of the well-known e-commerce brands that sells the best sneakers globally.

 Idrees kickz has also invested in the stocks and in the forex business markets to explore other opportunities. When asked about his future plans, “My future plans include opening up sneaker stores in Toronto and Los Angeles, and also tie up with big brands like Nike and Adidas to design their shoes.” says Idrees kickz with a bright smile on his face. 

When talking about his online ventures, Idrees kickz says, “I own four online businesses. All of them solves different purposes. Every online businesses is named as Woiair. One is a sneaker company, I own an online merchandise company, a digital agency company and a real estate company too”. It is inspiring to see an young boy doing so many things all at once. 

You can also get an insight of his lifestyle by following him on social media platforms.

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube @idreeskickz.

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