Lux Beauregard Released An Unyielding Masterpiece – Indie Single “Fireworks”

Born and raised in Owensboro, KY, Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard released her much-anticipated work under the form of a major debut single titled “Fireworks.” The solid body of work is depicting not only Lux’s undeniable talent but also the painful theme tackling the coexistence of beauty and tragedy amidst 2020’s chaos.

Deriving inspiration from his year’s incredibly painful scenes, seeing the world literally on fire, the young songstress created a song with an intricate title ‘Fireworks” – a glass case with challenges that arise when good things are also happening in the same place.
Inspired by Renaissance and Rococo paintings, Lux’s synesthesia plays an active part in her music that is sitting at the intersection between indie pop, chamber pop, and baroque pop.
This mid-tempo shimmering synth-pop track with a soaring chorus and the dreamy and light vocals by Lux serve an ethereal feel. There is something absolutely magical and captivating about Lux’s delivery throughout. 

Meanwhile, we can rant about this beautiful production for a very long time but it would be wiser if you check it out yourself!

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