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How Watching Movies Online Can Bring A Change In The Society?

Science has gone too far in making things more and more convenient for people across the globe. 

With the upgradation of the technology, today, we can access each and everything online and that too by sitting at our home. The streaming service that is available online can change the way you use to watch the movies earlier. Today, people’s choices and preferences have changed a lot because people are mobbing to watch online movies online rather than visiting a theater like it use to happen earlier.

A big reason for this shift is the virus that is prevailing in the air; the world is highly hit by the outbreak of coronavirus. It has completely turned the table upside down; due to coronavirus stepping out of your house is the same as putting your life in danger. And visiting a theater in this prevailing situation where keeping yourself safe is the toughest task that you can do, and movie halls are not at all safe as they do not sanitize it on a regular basis.

The government of some areas has permitted to open the cinema halls and has allowed to watch movies there but by keeping proper social distance, like why you will pay for a hefty ticket when you have to sit at a distance with your partner. Better is that you watch online movies online on your device and make proper use of it.

Changes to the society

You might be thinking, how can movies change the way people live? But if you are thinking this only, then you probably might be thinking of a single type of movie that you don’t feel is right for you to watch. So don’t think much as there are many movies that you can watch and will definitely give some message. Below you will find various points that can create a change in a person’s lifestyle and can help them find a change in their nature.

Movies help to learn

When you ask a common person on the road about what movies teach us or does movies provide any type of betterment to our society? Then they will probably say that movies are destroying the culture. But you can ask them a counter-question that what about the films that are biopic of some braveheart of our society? They will probably go speechless on this question.

We can learn a lot about how to fight the tough time that we are going to face in our life when we see movies online. These are the words of Adrian Danks, who is a lecturer and also dean of media in the school of media and communication at RMIT University.

If you want a simple explanation, then let us tell you that watching movies online can help you shape the way for the future, which means movies can tell you how to tackle various problems you might face in the coming future.

The young generation today is unable to keep all the aspects in front of their parents and mentors, and as a result, they may get into some trouble. But when we focus on some of the movies representing the same situation in the movie and explains really well how the person in the movie was able to tackle the problem. It is sure that the young generation watching it will also get the way out to theirs.

Can bring social changes

The world is full of people who consider many things as taboo and do not like such things in their society. Among all of these, one common problem that we find across the globe is accepting the people who have a different sexuality than us. No matter, it is a well-developed nation like America, or it is a developing nation like Nepal, none of them is accepting people with different sexuality in their lifestyle.

If we take India’s example, the Indian Supreme Court has abolished the section from their constitution that use to provide a platform to spread discrimination among people of different sexuality. And to bring this change in society and to explain the society that people with different sexual desires are not different from us and are an integral part of society. So, where do you find a reason for not to watch online movies online in this act?   

Films help us to move on

Life teaches us many lessons as soon as we grow old; sometimes, coping up with the change that life has brought in our life is going to be really a tough task to do. Dealing with these tough times can be problematic, and who knows if the person jumps into a state of depression.

One of such thing that taught us a lot is the outbreak of the virus; the virus made us aware about the fact that our life is not safe if we do not keep our hygiene. The world went through a massive lockdown period, and no one was allowed to step out of the house; this is when people got free time in access and were unable to stay free. Staying free at their home was making them feel like they are trapped in prison.

During this free time, movies helped them to make better use of their time and also saved them from virus and depression. The person who see movies online is helping society to grow in a better way; they are safeguarding their lives and also the lives of their family member by not stepping out.

Moreover, you are also getting the facility to watch the latest movies while sitting at your home in the comfort zone of your loving sofa; what else do you want when it can give you a feeling of like you own a cinema hall?

By now, it is pretty much clear that the person who watch online movies online is helping the world to grow as they are breaking the chain that helps the virus to grow and also helping the economy by watching it on an OTT platform.  

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