How Custom Field Force Management Android App can help businesses

Monitoring projects in the 21st Century has experienced a dramatic renaissance, especially with agile talent sourcing and control. Android and IOS app developers have taken the initiative to come up with products that solve problems that arise from day to day challenges.

Just by downloading a mobile application, your employees get monitored on their field locations, with their designated departments.

Experts in the Android app development services have come up with strategies to monitor both soft and physical skills. Did you know some apps monitor computer clicks, mileage and the physical location of a worker? Well, This is indeed not the most surprising fact about agile skill management softwares. What mMakes me think the developer would be crazy geniuses is the ability they put in place to merge the monitors, together with other integrations.

The essential integrations on the Aandroid app development services are :;

  • Invoice management and payments 

The applications ensure that payments to all employees are made simultaneously. Most of them have a limited number of users to ensure 100% financial management.

  • Micromanagement tools 

An excellent field force management application should have parameters that put employees on toes even without physical follow up.

It is very normal but not correct for employees to take advantage of the absence of a manager, but what happens when one knows that by not meeting standards set by the provisions of the tool then an invoice will not be paid? The obvious is expected. Such tools like location, computer and remote work operation monitors, milestone development and control, live video monitor, and many more.

  • Time management infrastructure 

These tools are put in place to monitor the time of the day the user was logged and the specific hours. He or She worked. This one automatically multiplies your hours with your hourly rate (different & specific to an individual). So if yours is $5 and you worked for 9 hours, a $45 invoice is automatically generated and queued for approval.

It is normally hectic for huge organizations to make status and location call for their employees, especially in the B2B, B2C, and informal small businesses. Some employees tend to reap where they have not sowed, hence causing unforeseen losses.

What is needed to operate android app development services?

  • Internet connectivity
  • An android device for each user 
  • The field force management app of your choice.

How these apps work

They have a central management system where the business owners log and monitor operations. All the other users download the application, set it up according to their work designations. From there the admin or admins allocate them tasks based on a timely and organized manner.

If you are worried about doing away with your traditional systems and want to put in place an Android app to monitor workforce, you need not worry because most of them have the “bring your team onboard” provision that allows one to import the team just as it exists in your current environment.

Some state of the art technology can trace both physical and soft work remotely and at ago. Jobs such as delivery and manual work have posed a challenge especially in the fast-growing economies like the USA.


It is your responsibility to choose whether you remain in traditional management or Android app development services, but at a glance, you would realize that technology is better. Some of the applications are premium while most of them are freemiums. Don’t be lured by the small premiums to miss out the best experience of your human resource.

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