How and why to introduce the use of sex toys in couples

We talk more and more often about how important it is to break down taboos for women and leave them open the way to more open sexuality and a more intimate relationship with understanding your body.

In recent years there has been an increasingly intense work of disseminating knowledge about sexuality that is making enormous strides day by day.

Sex toys, vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and BDSM kits are now terms our readers have become familiar with. More and more women feel confident enough to talk openly about their sexuality, masturbation, and their games for pleasure with great freedom.

In doing this, however, we too often leave the opposite sex behind, in fact, men are hiding behind far too many taboos as they grow up.

Men also need to learn that both sex toys and masturbation can help them get to know themselves better for better sex. Among other things, sex toys have many secondary beneficial effects on men.

What are the benefits of using them during sex?

“Most women, about 87%, cannot reach orgasm through penetration alone, many women also need clitoral stimulation and the male body is not ‘made’ to offer direct clitoral stimulation during a relationship.

This is where sex toys come into play: by including them in the relationship, you can make sure that the woman has a more fulfilling experience and, by being able to satisfy her partner, the man will also derive greater satisfaction.

But this is not just a physical issue, by now we know all the benefits that come from using sex toys, from reducing stress to improving the immune system. Above all, sex toys can increase intimacy, going beyond the pleasure of sex.

There are also a huge array of sex toys available so have a look into those if you’d like to add more excitement in the bedroom.

And to move on to practice, any advice for introducing sex toys to couples?

First of all, be open to dialogue: an honest and sincere conversation with your partner is certainly a great start. Finding good reasons to experiment with sex toys, positives, and benefits for the relationship is a way to start the conversation and “break the ice”. It is also very important to allow time for the partner to reflect on the proposal and form his own idea.

If he agrees, choose the most suitable model together: buying a sex toy online is fun, even more so if done in the company of your partner. Choosing together the one that best suits the relationship also helps to increase complicity: the possibilities are endless, the correct choice could be a couple massager, a couple ring or a clitoral massager, etc.

Finally, move on to practice: once all the preparations are finished, it’s time to have fun. Just let yourself go slowly, listen to your body and the sensations of your partner.

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