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From all the multiplayer online games that are available in the application store, Among Us is the one who has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is the game where players play together as crew members who are struggling to repair their crumbling spaceship so that they can reach back on Earth. It is actually categorized as a social deduction game; social deduction games are all those games where two teams fight against each other to win the race. But in this game, you will not find any race or battle in this you will only find thumb like colorful figures in which two players can be imposters whose aim is to kill the crew members one by one.

Is it harmful and violent?

When going through its description, people consider it to be a harmful game that can put some bad impact on the players who are playing this game. But it is actually just the opposite of this situation as the game is designed in a way that it looks more and more child-friendly game rather than being a game that includes murder in it.

Another question that can come to mind is how the game can be good to the players when using words like murder, imposter dead body, and all? Well, all these words are the basic things that can happen in this game; yes, the imposter is assigned to murder all members, yes you will definitely get a notification that there is a dead body found in the spaceship. But instead of showing the body, the game design makes it much more honey-coated death of a thumb-like figure.

Is it a game of only life and death?

Many people misunderstand Among Us as the game of life and death where the crew is fighting for life, and the imposter is fighting to give them death. But it is not like that here; a person who is playing this game requires to have a lot of extra knowledge like to play this game. When you are playing this game, you will probably have to plan your move in a decent way that no one notices you, and you are able to kill the person you want.

Apart from all this, the person who is playing this game should have some skills to fool people by admitting that he is not the imposter and didn’t kill anyone.

Does this game have hacks?

If you are frisking to Among Us but do not want to lose in it, it is better that you use the among us hacks that are available online. While selecting the hacks, you need to be doubly sure as there are multiple websites that can fool you with fake jacks and can insert a virus in your device.

Many websites also offer among us hacks that work properly but actually have some background applications working in it and can cause danger to your private data.

By now, you have got answers to all your questions! So, start playing now!

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