Ari Sarafyan Helps Teens and 20-Somethings Achieve Their Reselling Goals and Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Ari Sarafyan is a successful entrepreneur who found a way to cash in big on the sneaker reselling business. What started out as a community on the Discord app evolved into a consulting empire, with a focus on the sneaker resale market. Called AK Chefs, it now boasts thousands of members all over the world, who have ranked in a combined $100+ million in sneaker sales.

It all started when Ari was just a teenager. He saw the incredibly high demand for new sneakers. Whenever there was a “drop” where new sneakers were released, they would sell out incredibly fast. That meant a lot of people were out of luck to get their hands on a pair they have been eyeing. However, a sneaker resale market quickly sprang up, allowing people to get the sneakers they wanted. While sold at a premium due to their exclusive status, people gladly paid more for them.

Ari wondered, what if he could find out about the latest sneaker drops immediately, or even a little before they were released? This question led him to discover ways to find out exactly when sneaker drops would occur and buy up large quantities of the latest sneakers to resell to others. Not only that, but he managed to make friends with industry insiders, called plugs, such as those working within the boutique stores and manufacturers, who let him know when the new drops would occur. This would usually be a few minutes, but that would be enough of a tip-off to snag a bunch of sneakers and resell them.

It wasn’t soon before Ari created AK Chefs, which is a Discord community whose members get the inside scoop on when the latest drops occur. By paying $50 a month, each member receives access to tutorials, investing advice, and even bot support to make the online store checkout process faster.

Since its inception, AK Chefs has been turning teenagers and 20-somethings into successful entrepreneurs. Today, Ari employs dozens of young people to help him manage the increasingly-growing enterprise. Sneaker reselling is a $2 billion business, and getting a piece of that pie is something everyone in Ari’s community has been enjoying.

Ari has no signs of slowing down. As successful as he has become thanks to AK Chefs, he is looking to expand his horizons. Now, he has partnered with his older brother Larry to create something brand new called Motion.

Essentially, Motion is an online sneaker marketplace that is looking to forge a new path in online sneaker commerce. If it’s going to be anything like AK Chefs, it’s going to be wildly successful. Ari has tapped into a niche that has a massive and passionate base that is sure to bring him even greater success.

You can follow AK Chefs on both Instagram and Twitter to get the latest info on sneaker drops, and also follow Motion’s Instagram page as well.

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