A Young Kid At A Barbershop Sweeping Hair To An Owner Of Multiple Businesses. This Is The Story Of Jerry Speakman

What we do when we are younger can have a profound impact on who we become when we are older. This was the case for Jerry Speakman. An entrepreneur of many different kinds, he was first introduced to the idea of owning a business and being an entrepreneur at a young age when he had his first job at a barber shop.

“My motivation came from when I started my first gig at the age of 10 years old sweeping hair at our local BarberShop. It was called Rileys and now is named Overflo in Columbus, GA. This inspired me to become an entrepreneur like my mentors and coach who own the Barber Shop and Saloon. It kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on how to earn money for myself instead of asking for money from my parents. I was raised with both my parents but in a separate home. Yes, I understand things happen where your parents don’t see eye to eye, but I didn’t let that stop me because I know someone out there is depending on me to be successful,” recounts Jerry.

Jerry runs a few types of businesses. He runs a financial literacy company, an automotive business, computer repair company, and is involved in real estate. What has made Jerry so successful is that he is not focused on outside competition.

“There is no competition, the only competition I have is myself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should be your only competition because we get in the way of our dreams because we listen to the outside and let that control your business. You should focus on self and ignore those outsiders. Self is the key way to overcome obstacles. I must say once I did this myself, my business was suddenly booming. The reason is that once the laziness, procrastination, and my bad habits got out the way, that’s when I started to be my own competition,” Jerry states.

A huge part of this is not measuring success based on achieving goals, but pushing himself toward his dream every day and seeing success in the little things.

“Everybody is successful if you wake up this morning, if you are reading this article you are successful, we are successful. Success is not about landing that big job or having an outstanding business; it’s about you waking up every morning going after your dreams and inspirations. You must have the dog mentality when you wake up every morning. I will have a good day, I will be successful , I will be the next Warren Buffet in my family, and I will overcome every obstacle that comes my way. I will never be defeated if so much adversity comes my way and I will never quit. Finish what you started and you will be successful,” Jerry says.

For those wishing to start their own business, Jerry says that mindset will be key in helping you begin your journey. Like many others, Jerry explains that getting started is always the biggest obstacle in the way of becoming successful. Once this is overcome with the help of a good mindset, anything is possible.

“Mindset is very very important. Mindset is the key to having a successful business and I must say if you are young and tuning in, make sure you do what your mind has in place and don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t do it nor you will never be great. Strangers will be your biggest supporters when starting a business. The old saying when growing up is don’t talk to strangers, which I agree with when you are little, but once you outgrow that stage, strangers will make you successful before anyone in your circle will,” Jerry advises.

To find out more about Jerry, follow him on instagram here. You can check out his financial literacy company here.

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