Writer-Creator Terence Winter Exits HBO Max’s Upcoming “The Batman” Spinoff Series

Breakups: They’re never easy. Just ask respected showrunner Terence Winter who, it was announced this very morning, is splitting from the HBO Max television spinoff of director Matt Reeve’s upcoming film The Batman.

 Even as a search is underway for a replacement for industry veteran Winter, details are beginning to come to light on just what exactly led to this impromptu powder from HBO Max. Winter – the noted mastermind behind critical and fan favorite darling Boardwalk Empire – was set to not only serve as a showrunner to the valuable Batman franchise spinoff but also as one of its key writers, making his departure even more surprising. As is usually the case in these type of situations, anonymous sources have revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that “creative differences” were behind Winter’s decision to make like a banana and el-splito. Apparently his vision of what the show should ultimately be didn’t fall into line with what director Reeves and fellow producers had envisioned. In an eerie parallel, this was the exact reason given when my girlfriend in junior high abruptly broke up with me. Life is strange, no?

 Not surprisingly, HBO Max and Warner Bros. Television are staying mum on losing Winter.

 So, what is this mysterious spinoff that has ousted creative guru Winter? Still untitled as of press time, this mystery series is meant to serve as an honest-to-Pete companion to Matt Reeves’ upcoming blockbuster motion picture The Batman. The action and drama is set to take place in Bruce Wayne’s old stomping grounds of Gotham as envisioned by Reeves and designed to world build the periphery characters involved in this latest iteration of the caped crusader. A deep dive, too, will be conducted by the show on the vast layers of corruption that riddle the city and which forces Batman’s hand (and his Batarang, one would imagine). The end-goal is to set up and launch a new Batman universe similar yet markedly different from other such attempts by filmmakers as varied and diverse as Chris Nolan and Lambert Hillyer. It is not known what, if any, involvement the film’s stars – Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright – will have going forward on the television side of things.

 Tentatively titled Gotham Central as an homage to the DC comic book that writers par excellence Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka crafted their literary magic around, this new HBO Max series originates out of Warner Bros. Television where Matt Reeves’ production house has an overall deal.

 As for Terence Winter: Weep not for this prolific scribe, Ladies and Gents. Winter just signed a deal to oversee the creative of an upcoming Dial M for Murder anthology project currently in the works at MGM/UA Television. It’s a little soon for a new project this onetime loser at love worries, yet hope springs eternal that it may be the beginnings of a blissful union and not a rebound from The Batman.

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