Types and cases of Dental Implants

Micro or mini dental implants, despite their name, are not a type of implant used to compensate for missing teeth, but used in another specialty: orthodontics, as they are elements that serve as anchors in dental correction movements. Dental implants Sioux falls can be used only to replace a single tooth or to replace multiple teeth or even to replace a complete denture.

Types of dental implants

There are essentially 3 types of titanium dental implants that make sense to mention:

Conventional dental implants , which are the most used and placed in patients with bone conditions considered normal or sufficient;

Short implants , which are placed in places where there is little bone depth, and when it is not considered to use grafts or bone substitutes to compensate for this limitation;

The zygomatic implant , which is placed or fixed on the zygomatic or malar bone (popularly known as “cheekbone”) and, therefore, are only used in the upper jaw. Zygomatic implants are indicated for patients with bone loss or resorption that is already very extensive and advanced, making it impossible to place other types of implants in the normal bone structure of the maxilla.

In addition to the three types of implants mentioned above, there are references to several other types of dental implants, depending on whether other types of categorization are considered.

There are several brands of dental implants on the market with different shapes and different length and diameter measures, in order to meet the varied demands that each case may imply.

When one tooth is missing/separated

In the event that only one of the teeth is missing or the missing teeth are separated (in non-contiguous locations) we can resort to the single dental implant (1 tooth only). In this case, after the implant is consolidated, the respective crown will be placed on the unitary implant. The crown is a piece anatomically similar to the natural tooth and usually made of ceramic or zirconia.

Several teeth missing

In case there are several teeth missing and together (contiguous), we can resort to placing a fixed bridge to the implants. A bridge is a structure made up of several pieces joined together (casted), representing natural teeth, and made with the same materials.

Lack of teeth

In extreme cases of edentulism (lack of teeth), we can implant a complete arch (or complete denture) or complete jaw over the implants ( prosthesis on implant ).Still regarding the placement of teeth on the implants, they can be fixed by screw or cemented (fixed protocol) or, then, attached by fitting to a metallic structure that aims to solidify (join) the implants, (overdenture), allowing the person to remove it for better oral hygiene.

In addition to dental implants, there are other solutions such as dental prostheses for the problem of missing teeth. These dental prostheses can be removable and usually made of acrylic (acrylic prostheses) or chrome-cobalt (skeletal prostheses).In addition to these removable prostheses, there is also the possibility of compensating lost teeth through fixed prosthesis (bridge), as long as there are natural teeth that can serve as pillars (fixation) for their cementation.

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