Tips for choosing the correct art décor for your home

Finalizing the purchase of an art piece of your home is not an easy task to do. People often overthink this decision and end up not finalizing anything. There are literally hundreds of thousands of pieces available on the internet. If you look around aimlessly, you’ll spend months just looking at art and won’t be able to narrow down any one piece for your home. A good direction to start is to understand that you should not overthink your choices. Sure, art can have a very deep meaning behind it, but that said, the art that you are going to buy for your home does not need to be any more meaningful than your couch or curtains. First and foremost, it needs to look good and fit with your home aesthetics.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right art for your home that will make the decision a bit easier.

Set on a style:

Each house is unique in its own way and has its own atmosphere. Two houses that look identical from the outside could be drastically different from the inside. Everything from the furniture to the color of curtains contributes to the aesthetics of a home. So, finding advice for your exact home looks is almost impossible. What you can do, however, is look up houses similar to yours. Narrowing down your choices to a certain style and color pallets will help you immensely in making a final purchasing decision.

If you are struggling in choosing a style, then consider matching the art roughly with the feel and atmosphere of your home. Consider this. Your home has a very minimalist feel to it. All of your furniture is mostly white and angled, and your walls are clean white. In this sort of environment, a rainbow abstract art would never fit and will look silly.

Do want a centerpiece or just a filler?

There are two main purposes an art piece can fulfil. It can act as the centerpiece of the room it is in as the center of attention. Or, it can act as a nice filler for your otherwise empty and bland walls. Before you go out looking to buy, you have to make this decision. One thing to keep in mind is that what you want out of an art piece can vary from room to room. You might want a gorgeous, large and bold center attraction in your main living room, and want a piece that adds to the walls without drawing attention to itself in your bedroom. Assess your options and choose what you want. This is one of those things that are completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way of doing it; it all depends on your desires.

Figure out the right size:

It is a surprise to no one that you can buy an art piece as big as a wall and as small as a pin. But what size is correct for your bedroom or living room? It all depends really. Depends on the size of the wall, the size of your headboard, the furniture that is close to that and many more factors. There are some key rules; however, that can help you buy the appropriately sized art. The first rule is that the art piece should always be equal in size to your headboard or a table that is in front of it. Never shorter, and definitely never even an inch longer. The other thing is to fill up an appropriate amount of wall space if there is no furniture or obstruction close to that wall.

At the end of the day, it is all about striking a balance between your art piece and the negative space on the wall. A tiny piece on a giant open wall will look awkward and so will a gigantic piece on a cramped wall that is already filled with other decoration.

Buy what you want:

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options and decided the style and size of the art piece, you want to go out hunting for it. Look around as much as you can, and try not to overthink this decision. If you like something at first glance, the chances are that you’ll like it after you’ve bought it as well. These above-mentioned tips are not hard and fast rules that you have to follow at all cost. So, don’t let anyone tell you what you should and should not hang in your home. The sole purpose of an art piece is to make your house look prettier, and the only person that it should look prettier too is you. Buy what you like and want to make a part of your home.


Art décor is one of the best ways of artistic expression, and self-reflection in what your home looks like. Not everyone can afford a complete home look over if they want to express a certain feel. But what most people can afford and express their personalities through, are these art decorations.

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