Roundup: The Hot Half Dozen for November 16, 2020

It’s On You, single by Kat McDowell.  McDowell delivers a sharp, gentle pop song with hook-laden hip hop feel that is so pleasing.  You will listen over and over and find something new each time. On all platforms.

Safari, single/video by Binx.  Always fun, always a standout, this African-born girl returns to her homeland for some playful pop embedded in a rich musical jungle. Go on safari with her and you will want to stay.  On all platforms.

Everywhere I go I bring My Ghost single/video by Monica Pasqual.  Mesmerizing, haunting, addictive, urgent.  At some point I will run out of adjectives to describes the beauty of this song and the hold it puts on you. Stream on Spotify. Purchase on her Patreon page or go to

Déjà Vu , single/video by Los Hollywood. As usual they rock, and as usual they rock with something special, to wit Heidy Flores delivering great vocals, although without her bass. This Spanish language body-mover will do just that. Stream it on Spotify or Soundcloud  for some pure musical pleasure and be ready to dance.

Soy Loca, single by El Dusty and Ma-Less. What a combo!  This is a mainline of cumbia that will drive you happily loca with the rap and the beats.  El Dusty and Ma- Less are both geniuses and together they double the fun.  On all platforms.

Understood, single by Fernanda Ulibarri. Understood sneaks up on you with a banjo intro that blends into Ulibarri’s gentle, urgent, hypnotic vocals that entice you all by themselves until the bass and strings weave around her, pulling you into her cocoon. You can listen to this one forever.  Stream it on Spotify.

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Patrick O’Heffernan is co-host of the LA-based, nationally syndicated weekly program, Music FridayLive! and is a music reviewer for online magazines Vents, The Hollywood Progressive and MusicJunkie. He has also co-hosted a national political talk show, The Fairness Doctrine, and hosted the “Uplinks” media segment on Saturday All Things Considered on NPR. He holds a PhD in International Relations from MIT, has been awarded an Emmy, four Addy’s, and a Webby-Honors, among other awards. He has published 5 books and ghost-written others. A project he co-launched, the North Asia Nuclear Free Zone, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. He serves on the Board of Netroots Nation.

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