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New way of living for students in New York

In today’s world, it might seem that students find things a lot easier. 

But is it really so? 

There are many questions about housing, and choosing the right housing is not so easy. What’s with this?

If you are accepted to a school in New York, a big congratulations to you. New York is an amazing place and you will definitely be satisfied with it. 

Have you ever asked yourself where you will live as a student? Do you rely on campus or do you want to taste the scent of real life and experience the real vibe of a big city? If so, are you wondering how this can be achieved if you do not have a large amount of money at your disposal? 

You may be surprised, but maybe it really is possible. Below we describe several housing options that you can use as a student.

New York is one of the most expensive places in the world, but thanks to the expansion of the Internet, technology and various start-ups, it is now possible to use the large leverage of various projects to your advantage. 

One of the many startups are the so-called Coliving companies, which are engaged in providing affordable housing at a low price in the best possible neighborhoods of New York. 

Maybe it’s time to discover this possibility.

As a student, of course, you have limited financial capabilities. We are now talking about the vast majority of students, not the chosen ones who have the option of their parents renting their own luxury apartment somewhere on the fifth aisle. 

We focus on quite ordinary people who are interested in studying, but at the same time want to live at a very reasonable price and under very favorable conditions. That possibility exists, and if you continue reading, you are in the right place to learn about this.

In the past, most students focused mainly on the campus and on securing housing there. Nowadays, however, everyone knows that campuses are crowded, unpretentious, dirty, subject to many rules, and will certainly not prepare the student for the real life out there—behind the campus gates. 

Thanks to this, more and more students use the so-called Coliving, which in our opinion is one of the best housing options in New York for students.

Generally, the so-called off campus apartments NYC are much more affordable than a campus or regular apartment rental. 

The rent is shared among all the inhabitants of the apartment and so your housing expenses will fall to a very low level. But you really get a lot; Cleanliness, security, privacy, entertainment, space, and more. 

How is it possible?

One of the great advantages of Coliving is that you only need one backpack with personal belongings to move in. Coliving offers fully equipped apartments with design elements, high-speed internet and other great gadgets. So you don’t have to worry about almost anything. 

The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances. The living room is equipped in addition to a large seating area and a large flat screen TV. 

Among other things, you will find a washing machine and dryer in the apartment, so you don’t have to worry about not having clean and fresh clothes. 

Moving a student to an already fully furnished apartment is therefore a huge advantage.

If you choose your own private room, you will be completely alone in it and will not be disturbed by anyone. You are constantly disturbed by someone in the dormitory and then it happens that many students do not manage school. 

Thanks to the great privacy and tolerance of roommates in Coliving, you can be sure that you will have enough peace and quiet to study.

To top it all off, Coliving is not demanding on the rules. Someone is constantly checking on your tracks in the school dormitory to see if you keep a convenience store, if you have a tidy room, if you don’t do something forbidden, and so on. That won’t happen in Coliving. 

Coliving is the best way to smell real life off campus. If you behave decently and do not explicitly annoy your roommates, then you do not have to be afraid of anything that Coliving offers you.

Living in Coliving is very simple and it is also easy to arrange it. Almost everything can be done online. If you go through an initial check (which is usually just a formality), you can move after paying the rent. 

In addition, the lease can be set up for at least 30 days. Therefore, you do not have to sign any complicated and long contracts through a real estate agent, to whom you will also have to pay a large commission. 

It is also necessary to realize that the school does not last a whole year. Thanks to that, Coliving is the best choice, because during the summer you can move out and then when your school starts again you can move back in. Of course, you don’t have to pay when you won’t be using Coliving and living in it. 

Short-term and cheap rental is the best choice for students, and this is what Coliving offers.

It is necessary to mention that this is the housing option that prepares students for real life. Life on campus is not much like real life off campus. 

Coliving, on the other hand, is exactly the lifestyle that not only resembles real life, but really is real life. In Coliving, the student has to take care of himself and completely common things such as washing, food, time planning must be done by him. 

In addition, living outside the campus with roommates prepares the student for the real world, which he will find himself in after school. 

Thanks to this, long-term friendships for life can also emerge. It’s simple and simple. A school can prepare a student for his future career, but Coliving prepares the student for real life after school.

So if you are considering living outside of school, Coliving is definitely the best choice for you. 

In addition, there are a large number of Coliving companies in New York, and you get to choose from them. Whatever school you are accepted to in New York, you can be sure that you will definitely find some Coliving around the campus.

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