How to set up your first law firm

When a newly graduated lawyer leaves the Faculty of Law, there is usually a lot of doubt about which legal career path he will take. One of the alternatives is to try an autonomous career. Following a few tips is a good start for anyone looking to set up their first law firm.  The competitive legal career requires other attributes of lawyers who choose to build an autonomous path. There are other aspects that need attention, besides those related to the Law. Knowing a little about marketing, legal marketing, strategies, attracting clients, code of ethics, management tools are part of this career path. Now that we have some tips on how to start your career in the legal environment and set up your first Winnipeg law firm, we can give you other suggestions.

1 – Make a business plan

Business plan is a document that contains the objectives of a company. Did you find this tip too generic? The lawyer must first know that he is an entrepreneur. And therefore, you will have to go through some stages of the process of starting a business. The 3 main phases of this beginning are:

Identify opportunities;

Raise funds;

 From there, work on the business plan. Start by defining the structure of the law firm. Ask some questions, such as what is the mission of the office? Labor? Criminal? Civil?

2 – Define your market niche

The world of law is broad for you to be an expert in all areas. Keep in mind which area of   law you want to work in. Knowing which segment, you fit into best is essential to gain more prominence and ensure high financial gains. Within that category, you will still need to define your target audience. Find out what your segment needs are: where these people are, what their economic and social class are.

Those who do not specialize end up being less prominent than those who always work in the same area. Niches such as Labor Law or Administrative Law can guarantee high revenues. Also, be aware of new markets. Law is dynamic theory and is always opening up to new areas such as Digital Law.

3 – Invest in technology

Legal software is here to stay at law firms. They are allied on important issues, such as productivity, organization and management. To optimize the office routine, technological tools reduce repetitive processes, assist in decision making and improve the attorney’s experience with his client.

4 – Have courage

Like any career that is just beginning, that of a lawyer also has obstacles. Some, such as insecurity and fear, are linked to this turbulent and new beginning. Do not panic. These feelings are extremely normal at the beginning. Keep in mind that if you have spent at least 5 years in college, learning and knowing the law, your ability is widely known: the legal knowledge you have!

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