Why buy from Drip CBD Company?

Drip CBD company’s mission is to deliver CBD and terpene rich hemp oil at affordable prices. Many CBD companies change insane prices for CBD products only containing trace amounts of terpenes. The relationship between CBD and terpenes is known as the entourage effect. This phenomenon is crucial in delivering the desired benefits of CBD. Drip CBD CO is an online store providing low prices, convenience, discretion, and an ample amount of CBD and terpenes. 


Buying CBD online is more convenient than going to buy them from stores. Nowadays, it’s not safe to go to the store because of the Coronavirus. So, shopping online is the safest option. In many countries, it’s not easy finding a store that provides you CBD because of its misuses. Searching for a store where you can buy CBD is very difficult. It requires a lot of time. Sometimes you can’t even find a store to buy it. On the other side, you can easily buy it from any online store. You just have to search for CBD online store on Google or any other search engine. Drip cbd co is an online store driven to deliver the best quality CBD to users. Drip cbd donates 1$ to cancer research for each product sold. Buying CBD online is far easier than buying it in a traditional way.


For every product sold Drip CBD CO donates $1 to a reputable cancer research fund. At checkout the user is given the option to choose which charity they would like their dollar to go. The company’s owner is driven to provide high quality CBD products and help make a difference.


Drip CBD products are delivered in recyclable or repurposed packaging. They encourage users to either recycle, repurpose, or use the packaging for composting. Every aspect of the product is recyclable. To offset the carbon released when shipping packages, Drip CBD CO plants a tree for every 5 packages shipped. They want to help replant the trees lost in the recent wildfires and make up for the harmful gases released in the shipping process. Being environmentally friendly is one of the core principals of Drip CBD and will continue as the company grows.  

You can hide your identity while buying:

Many CBD users are hesitant to buy CBD from a grocery or convenient store because of the stigma associated with marijuana. Even though CBD is 100% legal, many are turned off because of its relationship to the controversial plant. These users who value their privacy can order online with confidence. They can simply hide their identity while ordering the products online. CBD’s online availability is very helpful for the people who have privacy concerns as opposed to buying it from traditional stores.

You can exchange them with a money-back guarantee:

Many online stores sell their products with a money-back guarantee if they deliver the wrong product, or you don’t like the quality of the product. These online stores are trustier than others because they will provide you best quality CBD. You can easily trust these stores than traditional stores. Traditional stores will never exchange the products they have sold. So you will never get your money back in case of any defaulted product.

Lab Tests

Many CBD companies have taken advantage of CBD’s state of legal uncertainty. Although hemp was federally legalized through the Farm Bill is 2018, the FDA has taken a hands-off approach as far as false claims are concerned. This has opened up the door for those looking to take advantage of new CBD users. When buying CBD, make sure to review the company’s 3rd party lab tests. Drip CBD Company has potency and terpene tests here

Lab test are important because many companies advertise an incorrect amount of CBD in their products.

CBD and Terpenes

CBD and terpenes used together creates cannabis synergy known as the entourage effect. Terpenes have their own benefits and have been reported to help CBD perform to its maximum potential. Many companies selling full spectrum products claim the benefits of terpenes but only have trace amounts of the chemical compounds in their products. Drip CBD has substantial amounts of multiple terpenes per dose. They are a company you can trust because all batches are 3rd party lab tested and COAs are available online. Buying CBD can be difficult. There are advantages with buying online but users must be cautious when choosing a CBD company they can trust.

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