When and How to consult a lawyer in criminal law?

Everyone wants to find the perfect lawyer, the one who will be able to defend his client before the judges and convince them. You should know that there is no ranking of lawyers that would allow us to know which are the best lawyers.

To find a quality queens criminal lawyer must pay attention to several criteria:

Lawyer Must Be Competent:

you must first choose a competent lawyer in his field, that is to say, a criminal law attorney. If possible, choose a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours. You can find one at the lemon law in North Carolina.

He Must Be Attentive

Then choose a lawyer who is attentive to you, available, and able to take an interest in your case. In criminal law, this is a very important criterion. It should be noted that criminal proceedings are oral proceedings. In the context of criminal proceedings, a lawyer can assist his clients before all courts. The criminal lawyer is not linked to the jurisdictions belonging to his bar.

Even if we often imagine the lawyer in criminal law during his sometimes very “theatrical” pleadings, the role of the lawyer in criminal law is not limited to pleading before judges.

This is why it is strongly recommended to call on a criminal law lawyer well before, upstream, during police custody. All persons in police custody have the right to consult a criminal lawyer before being heard.

Your lawyer can advise and assist you throughout the sometimes very long criminal proceedings: police phase, judicial investigation phase, judgment phase, and execution phase.

Good to know: it is possible to change lawyers at any time. Of course, the best thing is to find the right lawyer right away.

Why consult a criminal lawyer?

It is compulsory to use the services of a criminal lawyer in criminal proceedings. Criminal proceedings follow an offense (serious contravention, misdemeanor, felony).

Good to know: criminal proceedings are different from civil proceedings. They designate all legal proceedings that take place before the police court (contraventions), the criminal court (offenses), or the assize court (crimes).

The criminal lawyer will advise you and defend you throughout the procedure, from custody to trial, including the investigation. His mission is to defend the interests of his client before the various judges: investigating judge, judge of freedoms and detention, jury, etc.

The criminal lawyer can have private individuals as well as companies, defendants, and victims.

So you should consult a professional and trust worthy criminal lawyer when you are stuck in some criminal case or any trouble (serious contravention, misdemeanor, felony).

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