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The CANVAS Model: Some things to understand

Creating or owning a company involves many responsibilities, among them and the most important, is knowing how it works and what are its weaknesses. How it works and the weaknesses are two things that every company must fully understand, to ensure that all processes are running on the expected track.

That is why it is important to know about one of the most important business models for companies, in addition to knowing how to make a CANVAS model for the proper functioning of businesses and / or companies.

What is the CANVAS model?

The CANVAS model or CANVAS business model is a tool that emerged around 2010 from a book called “Business Model Generation” written by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

Although there are several business models, the CANVAS model is the ideal one to use, as it has helped to build and innovate the old models. This is the best model for any company that focuses on innovating old products, instead of creating new products from 0.

Furthermore, as an interesting piece of information, the CANVAS model is being used mostly by startups, although already established companies have also used it mostly in recent years.

Knowing how to make a CANVAS model will help us understand that having a good knowledge of our company; It can help us in the same way to strengthen it much more. Today we can find many Business Model CANVAS examples online.

In order to make a CANVAS model, it is necessary to take into account that it consists of nine modules, where the right part refers to what refers to the market, that is, to the external aspects of the company and the environment. It is made up of blocks where the market segment, value proposition, channels, relationship with customers and sources of income are discussed.

On the other hand, on the left side of the block, the internal aspects of the company such as key partnerships, activities, resources and cost structure are mentioned.

What is the CANVAS model for?

As mentioned, knowing how to make a CANVAS model will help us to understand many things about our business, as it is one of the main tools that allow us to analyze, and above all, reflect on everything that is happening in the company.

But what is the use of knowing how to make a CANVAS model? We have many answers to this question, as its benefits are innumerable, so below we will mention the main uses of the CANVAS model.

In the first place, it allows us to modify different aspects as the analysis progresses, since the information will be much clearer and there will be much more accurate hypotheses.

In addition to being a very practical business model, it is also fun to do, since constant interaction with it generates feedback from all the part of the work team that is collaborating on the description of it.

Another point of making a CANVAS model, as mentioned above, is the advantage of teamwork.

Do not forget that large companies are always under the care of great teams. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to publicize the advantages and disadvantages that exist within the companies is by interacting with all the people who participate in the project.

It serves to see in a much more global way all the important aspects that constitute this business model. So it is recommended that all team members be exposed so that they have a clear global vision of the company and in this way dictate what and how they should work more to obtain a better result.

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