Stop Overpaying For Your Private Jet Charters. Andres Arboleda, Co-founder Of Privé Jets Has The Solution

Now more than ever, private jet travel is recognized as a business need rather than a luxurious expense. With increasingly demanding corporate expectations, growing safety concerns due to Covid 19 and a lower number of flights and routes offered by commercial airlines, flying private has become a sensible and practical next-best alternative. 

Andres Arboleda, co-founder of Privé Jets, has more than 15 years of experience and is considered the youngest leader in the private jet charter industry. His passion, knowledge and business know-how have enabled him to identify the greatest challenge in the private aviation industry, and solve it in a way that has led his business to earn the title of North America’s Leading Private Jet Charter for the past three consecutive years by the World Travel Awards. 

Privé Jets is the longest lasting private aviation company as a Virtuoso member, which provides access to over 7,000 aircrafts worldwide. Privé Jets is a Wyvern and ARGUS rate Broker, with clients across the globe, including celebrities, heads of state, and Royal Family members.

“The average sized fleet of an operator is 4 aircraft, and the largest private jet fleet in America has under 900 aircraft. This poses an obvious challenge in flexibility, availability, pricing and customer service.” Andres explains.

The biggest challenge in private aviation is lowering the aircraft ferry times. Strategically filling ferry flights with passengers enables us to offer more competitive prices to our passengers, and to increase the profits of the operator; a win-win-win situation. 

“The relationships and network we’ve developed with the leading operators in the industry strengthen our competitive advantage, and our logístical expertise which ensure our ability to optimize aircraft availability, further strengthens those partnerships. By having access to over 3,500 aircraft in North America alone, we are able to logistically perform better than our competition making Privé Jets the preferred option both from a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective.” Andres says.

Andres always tells his team that charter brokers are like travel agents for the commercial industry, but with more nuances to consider. When an operator’s schedule is slow, or needs help repositioning their aircraft when they are out of their regular operating zone, they contact Privé Jets. Their client reach and greater marketing power makes them the ideal partners for operators who are serious about chartering their aircrafts. 

“When it comes to private aviation logistics, one must keep a global view; you have to think nationwide for domestic flights and global for international flights. This is how I’ve educated my team, and I am proud to acknowledge my team’s ability to think outside the box and out outperform even the best logistical programs in the market. By understanding market demand, and analyzing product offerings, I have also created the most competitive Fix Price Jet Card Programs.” Andres states.

Even during challenging economic times, Andres continues to overcome obstacles, offering excellent service and increasing sales year after year. They have been able to run a successful business in difficult times, such as during the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008.

“We recently faced almost total closure during the coronavirus pandemic, but we continue to increase sales year after year. We are constantly planning for the needs of our customers and our team members not only for today or tomorrow, but for the next 6, 12, and 24 months.” Andres shares.

The on-demand charter service offered by Privé Jets is the ideal solution for those looking to optimize travel time without having to commit to long-term contracts or membership fees. 

Andres’ company offers not only passenger transfers, but also national and international air ambulance transportation services as well. Just some of the benefits enjoyed by Privé Jets clients are: departures as early as 4 hours in advance, access to over 7,000 planes world-wide, and always the lowest fare.

“We plan to provide services that have never been offered before and with the new increase in demand in private aviation, we can take advantage of new markets and opportunities. Our goal is to simplify the booking process and pricing of private aviation to set clear expectations about how a private jet rental should be in order to standardize it.” Andres says.

Find out more about Andres and Privé Jets here.

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