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Things to consider while buying a Laptop

Laptops and smartphone have become an integral part of our daily life. Most of our daily works like banking, education, bill payments, music and many. Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine our life without a computer and a smartphone. Whenever you are planning to buy a laptop you can encounter many issues what should be the configuration, price, latest features and many more. There are several factors you should aware of while buying a laptop. There are many options available in the market which confuses the new buyer to finalize their decision. 

Here, we are going to cover some points that will help you to make your decision. Take a look at these things that you should consider while buying a computer.

Understand your need as well as the budget

This is the first question that you should ask yourself if you are planning to buy a laptop. Chart down all the things and tasks you are going to perform using your laptop. Make yourself sure about you need a desktop computer or a laptop. Most of us still like desktops for playing games, working from home and more. While many of us like the portability of laptops. If you are looking to play games then you should buy a laptop with high graphics memory. While if you looking to watch videos and movies then you should buy a laptop with a bigger screen and full HD display. A person who travels more like a notebook laptop with a smaller size. While if you are looking for faster browsing only then you should go for a Chromebook. 

Now you know that what exactly is your requirement, it is time to consider how much you can invest for your laptop. Speaking of laptops, they are quite expensive as compared to a desktop for the same specifications. This is because the laptops are more compact and they have a battery which provides its mobility. 

Screen Size and Quality 

A laptop size varies from 11.6 inches and goes up to 17.3 inches. It depends on how you want to use your laptop. For a gamer, they need a bigger screen with at least 15.6 inches. It doesn’t you can’t play games on a smaller screen but it is very difficult to install a high-end graphics card on a smaller screen. While for professionals they prefer thin and light laptop with a smaller screen. The smaller screen is very portable and easy to carry. 

Nowadays you will easily find 2-in-1 laptops which provide the mobility of a tablet and the computing power of laptops. These laptops are enabled with touch screen but are costlier than normal laptops. You can also find 180-degree hinge support in some laptops where you can adjust laptop screen for better viewing of movies and videos. This is like the most convenient Ofiyaa Tri-Screen which is very useful.

On average, a laptop user spends most of their days working on laptops. The laptop display should be such as it should not strain on your eyes. A Full HD IPS display along with anti-glare technology gives better viewing while a higher refresh rate will provide no lag during waiting and playing. If you are planning to buy a gaming laptop then you must look for a higher refresh rate. Ideally, you want something with less than 5ms response time or a refresh rate greater than or equal to 144Hz. The IPS (in-plane switching) technology offers the widest viewing angles you can view laptops from many angles. 

Research on Web

With the availability of internet, it is very easy to get information on anything anywhere. There are many websites where you will easily find details about the latest trend, technologies, features and many more of a laptop. It is always good to visit some of these websites to check for details before buying laptops. Websites like Digit, Pcmag, Techradar, Select4you have loaded with information related to laptops and their technologies and trends.

Check for Specifications

Processor – This is the most significant parameter while buying a laptop. It is the main component of the laptop and enables performing heavy tasks. In a processor, you need to look at the number of cores in it and its speed that is given in terms of GHz (called as Giga Hertz). A laptop with a greater number of cores enables multitasking and fast processing. For normal works, a processor with speed up to 2.5 GHz works fine. While for multitasking, you should check up to 3.6 GHz of boost speed. 

RAM – Random Access Memory referred to as temporary volatile memory and enables multitasking. A laptop with higher RAM will allow running multiple applications at the same time. You can quickly access files which are stored in RAM. While booting our laptop the operating system is loaded into RAM so that it will quickly load. RAM is very much useful while playing games, video editing, multitasking. For normal use like watching videos, documentation, image editing, browsing a laptop with 4GB is more than sufficient but if you are looking for gaming, video editing, live videos etc then you should buy a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. You should also check for extra slots for memory expansion. You can find a laptop with RAM expansion up to 32GB.

Storage – For storing any media files, documents, games even operating system we need storage. In laptops, you will usually find two types of storage HDD or SSD. HDD is cheaper but has slower data accessing speed while SSD is newer and faster technology. They are expensive but are preferable for laptops. The best storage type is hybrid storage in it you will get both a high volume of HDD and faster SSD. You can easily get 1TB of HDD along with 256GB of SSD in laptops at a reasonable price. If you want a very quick response from your PC, you should go for SSD. Of course, SSDs are a little expensive as compared to a hard drive for the same storage capacity but they are really fast. 

Graphics Memory – Think of a graphic card more like a processor but entirely dedicated to the graphics of your computer. This is also an essential component of your laptop and required for smooth and clear graphical experience. Generally, in every laptop, you will get an inbuilt graphical memory to perform day to day tasks. While if you are looking video editing, gaming then you need a dedicated graphics card to handle robust tasks. For gaming laptops, a 4GB graphics card is more than sufficient to handle the robust task. 

Operating System – Operating System decides how you are going to interact with your laptop. If your laptop is having the best specifications for your needs but your OS is not suitable, this will cause too many troubles. For those who want a laptop for creating/developing something, you should go for a Mac. 

But those who are planning to get a laptop for gaming or doing a diversified task, Windows would be a great choice. While some high-end developers need to code a lot and prefer the Linux operating system. 

Battery Life – If you are looking for a laptop which can sustain for a longer time and provides mobility. Then you should go for higher battery backup. Laptops become more popular only due to its portability and mobility. Generally, you should laptop battery for at least 5-7 hours. 

Hope this gave a clear insight into how to buy the best laptop, these are some of the most essential factors. The more you understand about these factors the more suitable a laptop you will get. 

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