Kyle Depiesse Is An Experience Creator And Community Builder Determined To Help People Become Debt-Free And Find A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Kyle Depiesse is an experience creator and community builder from a small town in Wisconsin who created The Reaching Beyond Experience. After 13 years of experience in the corporate world, he decided he needed a change to find balance between work and life.

Everything changed for Kyle when he was a high school teacher in 2015 teaching personal finance. Although everything seemed normal, he was living paycheck to paycheck and realized he was getting nowhere.

“Out of curiosity, I logged on to the website to see how much money I had made in my lifetime.” Kyle shares. “I was shocked at what I saw! At that time, I had made well over one million dollars! So I looked up my wife’s information as well and she had accumulated just about the same. Together, we earned well over 2 million dollars. But we had nothing to show up for it.  Where did it all go? That’s what we were wondering as we looked at our massive negative net worth number.”

That information changed everything for Kyle and his wife. Three years after their epiphany, they had managed to pay off everything including the mortgage on their home. This was all possible because Kyle dropped his ego, took radical responsibility and started doing personal finances differently. 

During that time, Kyle spent more time at home with his family and he finished his first Ironman race. All of this motivated him to start a business as a consultant and coach to help people become debt-free too.

My business has two legs: one that focuses on helping people debt free and changing their money mindset.  The other leg is a ‘Men’s Mastermind,’ which helps high performing guys connect and rebalance their work and life.” Kyle explains.

Kyle’s money coaching programs are based on reducing debt by using specific actions to lower expenses and get them under control. However, Kyle sees this as only half of the equation: there is more to do than just play defense because focusing on cutting expenses can create a scarcity mentality around money.

Men’s Mastermind is a program made up of bucket-list experiences designed to re-balance the scales between work and life. This is based precisely on the belief that work may tend to overtake life. 

“Money mentality needs to be addressed and that is missing from most personal finance courses. We have all been sent signals about money at an early age that develops a subconscious relationship and a script that unfolds in our head. And unless we are aware of it and do the work of changing the script, we have this tendency to find ourselves in a loop and repeat the script and pattern in our actions around money.” Kyle says.

Kyle believes that creativity and innovation come from experience. We learn by doing, not by seeing or listening to someone else. This is something Kyle takes into account for his personal finance and Men’s Mastermind programs. 

“I had a desire to see things done differently. To break away from the traditional path or mold and add my own unique touch to things.” Kyle adds.

To achieve this and actually do things differently, mindset is crucial. Whether a business venture is successful or not will depend greatly on the person’s mindset and preparation. Kyle also incorporates this into his programs.

“Mindset is everything. The mindset is the foundation. And if the foundation wobbles when you hit hard times (failure, someone saying ‘no’, people thinking you’re crazy) you fall apart. And I believe that creating a mindset around strong belief in yourself is the first step in starting your own business. I address mindset first in my personal finance offerings because I believe it is the most important thing.” Kyle stresses.

Something that differentiates Kyle from other personal finance coaches is that he works on building communities and teaches not based on books, but based on his own experience with success and failure. 

Previously, Kyle used to see success as defined by the amount of money a person can have in their bank, or the house they have. But after a long journey, Kyle now believes that success is actually related to the ability of people to use their talents and experiences to make an impact on as many people as possible. 

This, and many other things are topics Kyle talks about in his podcast Reaching Beyond, which he hopes to continue to grow along with his coaching programs.

“In 2021, I have two experiences planned for high-performance men. The first is in the spring and the second is in the fall. These are highly curated experiences designed to get someone out of their rut and into a better rhythm of work and life while meeting a group of like-minded people. Connection, growth, and networking is what they are all about. And they happen organically in an authentic way. I will also take my personal finance program and turn it into a digital course to make it accessible to a wider audience.” Kyle shares.

Find out more about Kyle and The Reaching Beyond Experience here.

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