Immigration Law: Getting Green Cards Under Biden

When President Trump took office with his first “travel ban” on citizens from Muslim-majority countries, he soon launched a torrent of immigration politics.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to reverse this strategy in the first days of his presidency and other divisive Trump executive acts. For further knowledge about immigration laws, you can get help from an immigration lawyer.

However, more recent reforms to the US immigration system could take months to relax, if not years. And analysts say that if Republicans maintain control of the Senate, Biden’s capacity to reshape the country’s immigration system would be heavily limited.

What are the immigration policies under Biden?

Under Trump, national attention has been made of other humanitarian shortfalls, ICE that violently divides families and keeps undocumented children in detention facilities. In compliance with Biden, professionals with Senate approval named to direct immigration agencies to ensure the care is humane.

What policies are made for green card holders?

Significantly, Biden is promising to streamline the mechanism of naturalization and strengthen it, making it more available to potential Green Card holders compared to the Trump administration, which briefly halted the naturalization process for April 2020.

Biden aims to eliminate roadblocks for naturalization by overcoming the suspension’s bottleneck and reducing ‘unreasonable costs’ taxes.

Are Biden’s policies going to be suitable for people?

Trump measures that could reasonably rapidly be overturned include immigration quotas on citizens from 13 nations, all of them predominantly Muslim.

The DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era initiative to shield immigrants who were unlawfully brought into the country as youngsters, is likely to be extended by the Biden Administration.

Pierce said Biden’s administration is expected to immediately reinstate the DACA and encourage applicants from tens of thousands of immigrants who have been registered for the scheme since 2017 when Trump attempted to stop the program.

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Many of the reforms to immigration policies implemented by the Trump administration have been controlled. They could take longer for cancellation, including the “public penalty” provision that encourages the Government to reject green cards to immigrants deemed vulnerable to utilizing public benefits.

The next president will also face a problem at the border between the United States and Mexico. Biden said he intended to remove the refugee ban on refugees fleeing cartels and domestic violence from the Government of Trump during the referendum. But how does the new administration handle a crucial aspect of the so-called Stay in Mexico, or the migrant security protocols by their official names, is unknown?


In the final review, Biden’s capacity to revise the immigration structure of the nation will largely depend on which group the Senate governs. In the first 100 days of his presidency, the President-Elect vowed to send bills to Congress to include the citizenship route for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the world.

Like all other ambitious items on the list, which need Legislative support, this initiative will face a challenge uphill if Republicans hold control of the Senate.

In brief, as the Trump Administration has done, Biden’s administration will also use the presidential powers to reshape the immigration system piece by piece.

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