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Today, everyone has bound with some restrictions and responsibilities. Handling all these restrictions seems chains in feet. Everyone wants to get rid of these problems. It causes headaches and tensions in life. There are different writers, thinkers and authors have discussed this issue, but there is no solution to it. Most of the people brows to get rid of these issues but all in vain. These days, a book with the name “The Chainless Life” by Mischa Janiec is getting popularity. Learn more about the book and its details.

About the Book

If you want to get rid of these chains stresses, then you need to follow some points that are given in the book “The Chainless Life”. The book is about the conflict that is in everyone’s mind that to be what he is and become what he can become. What is the goal of everyone’s life? In this world and doing jobs to earn money, everyone has forgotten or does not know with which talent he is born. In which direction, should a person move?

The book describes the ways to realize the hidden talent inside every person. People come in this world with the talent, but they follow the classic path: school, training, 9 hours job and pension. A person needs to do self-mentoring with intuition and thoughts.

The author describes that a person can begin from scratch with himself. He should answer these questions.

  • What values does he have in him?
  • What should he do with his hidden talents?
  • Everything he needs to create and develop on the powerful foundation.

The “The Chainless Life” will show you exactly how. You will get the answers to these questions in this book that is readily available online. Among, the variety of the readers, this book has gotten popularity and fame.

About the author

The author describes himself that he never follows the norms of life because he behaves like a rebel. He does not like the symbolic chains of society because these were the hurdles in personal freedom. Within ten years, he made his space as a professional athlete after a brilliant development. He concentrated on his life’s work and real passion. With his brilliance, he broke the chains, and this factor motivated him to describe the ways to fight against the chains of society.

Mischa motivates his readers to go for self-help. This is the thing that he is going to teach others for six years. As per him, it is the best way to boost your confidence and inspire others. With the help of the self-realization, you can strive for the highest form.

People who follow their path on social media will be succeeded in their life. He is drawing his inspiration from his podcast and YouTube Channel.


No one can perform without internal motivation. It increases ease for the majority of the people, and everyone wants to live happily without taking any stress and tension on his end.

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