Actor Seth Rogen Attached as Producer on Upcoming Horror Flick “Video Nasty”

Seth Rogen has been known for many things over the course of his career in Hollywood from the truncated Valentine of a show known as Freaks and Geeks to such irreverent comedies (at a time when Hollywood wasn’t as gun shy about actually doing irreverence) as Pineapple Express and This Is the End. In between those particular evergreens, Rogen has also worked on and honed his craft, becoming every bit of a consummate thespian as well as the guy who could slip on a banana peel and make us all laugh (no offense, Seth). Now this man for all seasons is adding yet another feather into his already over-brimming producer’s cap (at last count this Vancouver, British Columbia native has thirty six producing credits to his name, making him an official industry) with the upcoming horror film Video Nasty.

 Lighting the way for us also-rans, the fiendish ghouls over at Bloody Disgusting – accept no substitutes, Dear Readers – broke the news that Lionsgate has purchased a spec script called Video Nasty with the above-mentioned Rogen set to produce.

 Video Nasty was written by Chris Thomas Devlin who is also the scribe for the upcoming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot. Devlin has also acted in the 2012 short film Dr. Harvey or: How I Stole Einstein’s Brain and Lost My Mind. Chris’s favorite color is blue and he likes long walks on the beach at dawn. Or so I’ve heard ‘round campfire. AHEM. The story itself revolves around a trio of teenagers who rent a very cursed VHS 1980s slasher flick (are there really any other kind?) and are promptly yanked into the film that they are in danger of being trapped in forever; great premise and seems reminiscent in the best of ways of the Todd Strauss-Schulson film The Final Girls.

 Word is still out on who will pull directing honors on Video Nasty, but Variety shamelessly (just joking, Variety crew!) name-dropped Jonathan Levine of 50/50 fame as a potential candidate.

 Seth Rogen’s Point Grey is producing this extravaganza with Stampede Ventures very own Greg Silverman. Might this entertainment nerd suggest Mr. Rogen himself as a director? It sounds like a quirky and intriguing premise, lining up comfortably with Rogen’s own film oeuvre. The busy actor already has ten directing credits to his name (thank you, IMDb!) and this could fit comfortably in the numero eleven slot.

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