Yes, I Finally Finished ‘Schitt’s Creek’

I did it. It took a little time, but I did it. I have watched the entirety of Schitt’s Creek. Sure, the show stopped airing new episodes on TV a little while ago. The last seven has even been on Netflix for a minute. However, I know people aren’t tired of Schitt’s Creek talk. The show basically swept the Emmys. I saw on Twitter some “story” about people turning to Schitt’s Creek to ease election anxiety. Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara are doing ads for some Canadian department store. There is still room for conversation about Schitt’s Creek. It’s captured the zeitgeist more than any sitcom since probably The Office. Which is weird, because it’s a Canadian show that aired on Pop in the United States.

The short answer is that Schitt’s Creek is really good. It lived up to the hype and was delightful. It’s funny and it became unexpectedly sweet early and stayed that way. Of course, that can be a tricky thing with sitcoms. The show begins with the Rose family as out-of-touch rich people who lose their money and have to move to a small town called Schitt’s Creek that they own. They live in a motel and deal with the locals. Then, we basically watch them adjust to the town and learn and grow. However, they needed to earn buy in there. This is an issue with many sitcoms. They want you to care about the characters on Friends but they are awful. New Girl has some of that too. There is an arc in the first season where Nick is fooling around with a bunch of college girls, and a couple years later I’m supposed to be shipping him and Jess. I’ll pass on that.

However, Schitt’s Creek handled that adeptly. They acknowledge their characters flaws but also let them actually show growth and change. Moira remains fundamentally Moira, but she adapts here and there. Of course, the fact she is played by Catherine O’Hara helps a ton. Moira is definitely my favorite character, but that is no surprise. The real coup of the show was my introduction to Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis, the family’s daughter. Her performance is so fantastic. I love his physical comedy choices and her line deliveries. Murphy earned her Emmy, and so did O’Hara. So did Dan Levy, frankly. The one that is odd to me is Eugene Levy, because Johnny never gets to be that funny and it’s not like his straight man work is so amazing. Then again, how weird would it have been if the other three Rose family members won but he lost. I have no complaints.

There are some good secondary characters as well, and the town is fun. The last season is really good, though with a few thin parts. I really enjoyed the series finale, and it ends on a sweet note. When the show began, I was laughing a lot, and I figured that would continue. I didn’t expect to get the emotional resonance from Schitt’s Creek, though. I clearly don’t love it as much as some people. I don’t even consider it a top 10 sitcom of all time. It is a true delight, though. It’s definitely the best Canadian sitcom I’ve ever seen, because they are mostly terrible. Now, like so much of America (and Canada), I have watched all of Schitt’s Creek. I hope you’re happy. I’m one of you now.

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