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Stellar Tricks for Hoverboard Riders

Riding a hoverboard is all the rage these days amongst children as young as eight and adults as old as twenty-five. Hoverboards are coming in very different designs and not to forget, one-wheel hoverboards are also becoming famous apart from the conventional two-wheel hoverboards. Best one wheel hoverboards, although are well-liked by riders because of their attractive appearance they might prove to be dangerous for people who are not trained in riding it. Consequently, this article mainly focuses on the tricks of the conventional two-wheel hoverboard.
Before moving onto the tricks, it is of utmost importance to know that learning a hoverboard in general or any of its tricks is only a success if proper balance is maintained. For all the beginner hoverboard riders, whose interest in learning tricks is appreciated but they might want to focus on their balance skills first to be well prepared for the more complex tasks.

The tricks are mentioned below:

1) The Stork; for the hoverboard riders who have learned how to balance themselves on the device while easily accelerating it, this is for them. The rider should first balance himself, then he should lift one foot from its end and try to remain in this position for approximately ten seconds. Then he should put that foot on the other end of the board’s bumper, but with slight pressure. When a certain pressure will be applied by the foot which is on the footpad, the hoverboard will start to slowly move around the same position, in circles.

2) The Genie; Rider should first put both his shins on each of the board’s footpads while keeping his feet in touch with the ground to get into a balance and not to sway constantly. After the rider does this, he should put pressure on the board via his knees so that the board starts moving. The rider can practice in this position until he is comfortable enough to let his feet in the air. This trick gives the illusion as if one is flying.

The above two tracks were for riders who had just begun riding the hoverboard and knew how to balance it. Moving on, the focus of the tricks will be for the intermediate riders who have come far from just balancing the hoverboard.

3) The Butterfly; for this trick, the rider should first sit at one end of the hoverboard while putting his feet together on the other end of the board’s footpad. The rider’s knees should be bent while being open to having a balance, the rider could keep his hands on his knees, while being in this position, the rider could exert pressure with his feet on the board’s footpad. This will make the hoverboard move and the rider can sway back and forth after achieving a rhythm.

4) One Foot Roundabout; this trick might come off very difficult for most people who ride hoverboard. The rider needs to first come into the squat position and then put his one hand on the board’s bumper. If the rider’s left hand is on the bumper, then the rider should lift his left leg in the air and his right hand should hold his leg. In this position, while applying some pressure on his right foot, the board will start moving and achieve a rhythm.

The below is for experts only.
5) The One-Eighty; the trick should be done under supervision. The rider should first balance himself on the board. Then he should slightly bend and jump, before jumping the rider should apply an angular pressure to the board such that it rotates 180 degrees and should be ready to receive the rider in the air.
6) The Tootsie roll; moving the hoverboard forward, the rider should immediately jump backward

causing his board to glide. Then when the footpads are above, the rider should hop back on the board but with extreme care.

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