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Sarah Sunday: An Amazing Next Generation Bubblegum Pop Punk Artist


Sarah Sunday is a Bubblegum Pop Punk Vocalist who has been passionate about singing since her childhood. Her father was a Pianist and it is from here she gained a passion for music. Aside from her Father, Sarah is inspired by many artists such as Blondie, The Smith, Hey Monday and the iconic Avril Lavigne.

She is a huge fan of 80’s music and style and attitude. 

Moreover, Sarah is a sweet, peculiarly beautiful down to earth girl who loves Poppy Punk Rock music. She grew up with a very simple background and this is why she is becoming popular due to her Pop Star looks and appeal while maintaining Her persona as a humble and modest girl. 

How did Sarah Sunday become involved in Music Industry?

Sarah was always interested in singing, music, and style as mentioned. One day, while she was working at a local shop, her future music producer and songwriter, DJ Mbj came to her, liked her unusual look, and asked if she could sing. Sarah said yes and Mbj offered to produce her 1st single, , the rest is history

….. Sarah takes enjoyment in a plethora of musical genres, new and old.. Her music has that retro sound that is surging, the old is new again with a musical inclination that transcends the scene!”

What is her most recent projects Sarah Sunday is working on?

Sarah’s latest Single titled ‘INK’ was released recently and is aired on all digital platforms including YouTube, VEVO and VIDMAX, and excelling on Spotify!

Sarah told us about her new upcoming songs by saying, “My next songs are great!! , stay tuned! I have two new Tracks in the works; quarantine hasn’t allowed me to record at MBj’s Studio, However, I have been working on the vocals and I promise these songs are Sarah Sunday-ish but with a different feel!” 

See link below to view “INK” Sara Sunday’s Brand New Video:

To learn more about her upcoming songs and happenings, click the link below.

What is the funniest or most interesting story of her career?

When asked to share the funniest part of her career up until now, she responded, “Once, as I was shooting the video for MENTAL ZOO, my last single, I met the Dr. who invented the tattoo laser removal while shooting in his dermatologic office, which I thought was pretty cool..He was hysterical and we had a blast shooting and talking Tattoos  !!”  He did not ask to laser my tattoos!!!!!

How she is taking part in bringing goodness to the world?

In an interview, Sarah was asked how does she plan to take part in changing society positively, and if yes, how?

She responded, “I try by bringing a positive messages with my songs and hope my fans“catch my signal through my beam”. I emanate a positive tone in my music and lyrics..

Does Sarah want to give any advice to her followers?

Sarah said, “I wish someone told me when I first started out to never gives up on what you desire!. Never!!…and complete what one starts!” I live by this moto!

What piece of advice does Sarah Sunday want to offer to new artists in the industry?

Sarah advises to “Stay positive, and always work with people who truly understand you and your vision.”

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