INTERVIEW: DoP Francesco Malandrino

Today we’d like to introduce you a director of photography, based in Los Angeles, Francesco Malandrino.

Q Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Please introduce yourself. In your own words, who is Francesco Malandrino?

A Sure, I’m Francesco Malandrino an Italian cinematographer based in Los Angeles (CA) SOC (Society of Camera Operators) Associate member. I have many passions and different hobbies. Obviously, my greatest passion is cinematography. it’s my job, it’s my life. Unlike many of my colleagues who grew up cultivating their aims in the field from an early age, I started blossoming in 2014 when I was 22 years old.

Q What led to your pursuit of a career in cinematography?

A Oh, that’s actually a good question! As I said before, my passion for this work, for the film industry, and for the entire filmmaking process, largely influenced by growing up in Italy, the land of artists, cities of art, fantastic places, poets, and writers. The rich art scene in my native land has really inspired me.

Q In what ways do you think or have seen that your work is different from others in the same field?

A Each cinematographer has his own style, habits, and preferences, it’s hard to say why I can be different from other cinematographers, but for sure I have my own style and my preferences. That’s also very important to have the same “vision’ of the director, The cinematographer and director have to be the same vision, it’s very important for the filmmaking process that they have to know each other in order to work as one person.

Q Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?

A I don’t believe in luck, I don’t know.. so what I think is that probably I was very lucky [laughs] I was born and raised in Italy the country of artists, since I was a teenager I was catapulted into a world of art: visual art, street art, art cities, etc… I think that my unconscious has gradually developed an attachment to the art, so I fell in love with the world of cinema, the seventh art. I also had a lot of dear friends that started to go in film school before than me, so I had the chance through them to discover this word that will be my passion.

Q I once heard that cinema is language. Given your expertise, can you share with our readers just what cinematography is and how it is different from simple video recording?

A Oh yes! This is a great point that we can discuss for a few days. In modern times, I think that probably 90% of people can record a video. All you need is a smartphone and you are ready. As you said cinema is language, so for a cinematographer it’s different, I’m free to shoot my next move with a smartphone, Of course, I can but there is a language and I have to respect it in order to make the audience comfortable. Is like the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer. The videographer captures the moment, a cinematographer creates moment.

Q What can we expect to hear from Francesco Malandrino in the near future? Any new projects on the horizon? Final thoughts?

A This question is very hard! I hope to see my name as the director of photography under many movies and projects. I will work for two TV Show pilots in the next 5 months, one of them as Co Cinematographer with my wife Maria Perlifonova. Hope that I can tell you more details soon.

Thanks Francesco for your time, and good luck for your upcoming projects.

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