Brock Colley in his debut single “One Kind of Beautiful”

“From the way that you live to the way that you love, I ain’t ever seen nothin’ so free” proclaims a heartfelt Brock Colley in his debut single “One Kind of Beautiful,” an ode to love and romance as seen through the eyes of a kindred spirit currently available everywhere quality country-pop is sold and streamed. Intent on showing off a lot of muscularity with his linguistic skillset in this rookie offering, Colley sounds like more of a veteran than a greenhorn groove-maker in this song, which I’m ranking among the more compelling debuts to have fallen on my desk in the last month. 

The instrumentation in this track has a great physical energy that I normally wouldn’t expect out of something with as sparkly a pop varnish as “One Kind of Beautiful” is sporting, and when joined with the smoky-voiced verses Colley dispenses one by one from center stage, the melodies form into a cocktail that no one can resist. There’s definitely a lot of American country in this guy’s pool of influences, but at no point in his song does he sound as though he’s looking to espouse a specifically Americana aesthetic; it’s pastoral, yes, but hardly indebted to the red, white and blue rhythm of a Nashville-established sound. 

At the center of the master mix here, there’s a rustic harmony that is just dying for us to appreciate its grandiosity, and while I would have given it just a little more attention than it ultimately received, it’s an element I want Colley to bring back into the equation in his sophomore single. He’s really good at colorizing the lyrical content in this song with more than a sexy backing band – he’s utilizing components of the texture and tone in his own vocal to convey emotions words simply can’t account for on their own. 

The refrain towards the conclusion of this single is so elegantly polished with a spiked midrange that the dark hue the effect creates is actually enough to imply introspection where it wouldn’t have been as obvious a feature otherwise, and it’s this type of clandestine compositional talent that could make Brock Colley a household name among country and western fans around the globe in 2021. He’s still a little rough around the edges in this performance, but the bones of “One Kind of Beautiful” demonstrate a charisma that doesn’t come around every day in this industry. 

Brock Colley isn’t finished evolving yet, and while this is only his rookie release, I think it’s the kind of start that a lot of his rivals on the American side of the game would kill to have for themselves. There’s no arrogance here, but the swagger in “One Kind of Beautiful” has made me into an instant fan of this guy’s direction, and provided he doesn’t make any knee-jerk movements in the further construction of his aesthetical profile, my gut tells me that this won’t be the only hit he submits to the international pop music underground. 

by Bethany Page 

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