Why is Fluoride actually not good for you?

What is Fluoride and why is it not the best alternative? 

When thinking about your morning and nightly routine throughout your life it is easy to overlook the ingredients that come with normal toothpaste. Even when looking at the ingredients that come with mouthwash as well as toothpaste it is important to understand why you should not be using fluoride and you should be only using natural ingredients that taste good in your mouth. When taking a closer look at fluoride it can be easy to see why it is very important to not let that be the main ingredient that is in your toothpaste on a daily basis. When looking at fluoride it is a chemical that is found in the same types of soil, water, air, and even rocks. Fluoride is considered very normal in the nightly and morning routine that is taken place in the average american’s tooth care routine. It is also heavily used in the typical mouthwash that is normal in most american’s morning routine as well as nightly routine. Fluoride is a chemical that is also used within the cleaning products that are under your sink at your home. It is a strong chemical that should be regulated and not included in all the products that you are using for your healthy natural teeth care routine. Fluoride can hurt your overall enamel health and it in the long run can hurt more than it can help you because it is a strong chemical that is used for cleaning products that should not be used in your mouth on a normal nightly and morning basis. Do not let fluoride be the reason you can not have the healthiest smile possible when you deserve the best smile you can possibly buy because you are more than worth it when it comes to your morning routine.  

Why Fluoride Free toothpaste and why should it be used more? 

When taking a closer look at why you should be incorporating more fluoride free morning products to your morning schedule is easy to understand when it is broken down. Fluoride free toothpaste can save your teeth in the future because fluoride is a chemical that can strip your enamel and can take away the natural whiteness that your teeth so deserve. Fluoride can be found in chemical products that are found in the same chemical based product that are under your sink at home and can hurt you in the long run of your morning and nightly tooth care routine.  The main concern for people that are moving their tooth care routine to fluoride free ask the question of, “ is it actually effective and strong?”. When looking at fluoride free toothpaste it is not as effective as normal toothpaste when you look at how fast it works but just because it works fast does not mean it is healthy for you. The problem with fluoride is that it has chemicals and works very fast and will strip your mouth of all saliva and that can make it to where you are derived from saliva. That is the reason why bacteria is flushed out of your mouth in the first place to prevent bad breath. So fluoride can actually make your breath smell worse which is the last time that you want to do when looking for fresh breath. Do not let bad breath be the reason you are not being your best self. Your social and love life is too important for you to have bad breath and dirty teeth because you need it to have a full long life. 

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