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What are the different hookah flavors which you can use? 

When a person starts smoking shisha, the first difficult decision which he has to make is to pick up the flavor! In the start, people find it quite a tiring task to select the right option because of the so many varieties of shishas available in the market. Looking back in past, we see that there were not many options available and people had extremely limited choice when they were asked to pick the flavor. Now there are hundreds of flavors available and you can ruin whole of your sheesha experienceif you pick the wrong flavor! For instance, in cafes of old times, the most used flavor was double apple! 

How should you select the flavor? 

Selection of shisha sale flavor will depend on your taste and you must always pick the aroma after checking the sweetness or freshness of the same. Some people do not like the sweet taste in shisha and the best choice for them is mint. Mint is one of the most common choices and the best part of mint is that it can be combined with different flavors to bring a fresh taste in the overall combination. If you do not like the sweetness or bitterness of a flavor, but you want to try that too, you can add the mint and can enjoy the flavor without any issue! If you are smoking for the very first time, you should start with mint because it is not only light but will fresh your mind and would not feel heavy on head. 

What are the flavors? 

There are multiple options present in today’s world, and you can try all the different flavors to reach the best one. When you reach out a café and ask for the menu, you will find that most cafes these days are offering more than thirty shisha flavors. In this article, we have shortlisted five of the best flavors which you must try if you have yet not checked them. These are: 

  • Herbal peach
  • Blue mist
  • Beamer Vanilla
  • Strawberry Lebanese bomb
  • White Gummi bear

Why you must pick the right flavor? 

When you start smoking shisha Tabak, you will hardly feel the difference in the taste of different shishas and the most dominant taste would be smoke. However, after inhaling one or two shishas, you will start differentiating the taste and flavor present in shisha and by this time you would likely develop your favorite taste. After you have developed your taste, it will become an extremely difficult thing for you to shift from it. Most people keep on inhaling the same shisha which they tried for the very first time. You must try different flavors to know the differences between them and pick the right option for your future café hangouts. In the start, you should pick the shisha flavor which has quite low nicotine amount in it. If you have never smoked anything and you inhale a strong shisha flavor, it might get worse for you! 

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