Sustenance In The Media Industry: Lina Cardona’s Success Guide

Known for its glamour and the high life, the media industry is considered one of the toughest to survive. With the fiercely growing competition, it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with this ever-evolving industry. This industry is certainly not for the weak. It does come with a lot of perks but has its downfalls too. It demands a person aspiring to succeed in the industry to be observant of their surroundings, be quick to grab the right opportunities and be creative in approaching them. Pertinence with the variable environment helps progressive escalation.

In the world of bling and glamour, it’s always about who makes it to the top. Nobody wants to see themselves struggle or for their growth to get stagnant. Ever since it came into existence, this industry has seen many faces gaining overnight success, being in the spotlight for several days, and slowly disappearing from the scene. The major reason for their downfall is their failure to maintain the image they were initially known for or getting carried away with too much attention. The public loves seeing someone they can relate to and someone true to themselves acquire a top spot in the industry. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The entire fashion world revolves around portraying a specific image of the models and actors, which eventually transforms a person’s demeanor.

An established Colombian model and a talented actress, Lina Cardona has been in the industry since 2014. She believes in portraying who she is and has not lost herself in her journey to success. Her perseverance and quick adaptability with the ever-changing industry has helped her gain success in the industry. Cardona’s determination and right choices have helped her achieve her childhood dream.  

An Active Work Ethic

Maintaining a work ethic in every field is considered a treasurable quality. The media industry does not impose any strict demands but requires an individual to be prompt, active, and flexible. Several acting shifts, photoshoots, interviews, promotions, costume fittings, meetings, and maintaining an updated social media profile all at the same time can sound intimidating. This industry does not operate by the 9-5- or follows a 9-hour work schedule but rather has an independent schedule. It is common for a person who has recently joined this industry to lose their calm and give up their mental peace in this chaotic life. Maintaining a regular schedule like Lina Cardona can help one be sane and progressive in their field at all times.

Lina strongly believes in self-discipline and has practiced this from the day she entered this field. Her self-discipline has enabled her to choose well and persevere with her actions and follow the ‘right’ path. She deems self-discipline to be an important ingredient of her success. It helps her maintain her calm and not give up despite failures.

Fitness Goes Hand-in-Hand with Talent and Skills

Being fit is the need of the hour. Fitness has now become a point of inspection to determine the individual’s focus towards their career. Physically fit actors and models showcase their ability to play different characters and mold themselves according to the character’s requirements. Cardona is passionate about her fitness regime. She religiously performs yoga and does not skip it come what may. The modeling and acting career can get very stressful at times, which is why Lina makes it a point to perform Yoga at the beginning of the day due to its stress-relieving benefits. Being weight conscious is also a requirement of her career, and Yoga’s benefits, including weight reduction, enhanced metabolism, and increased flexibility, are perfectly apt for her.

A female body experiences huge changes during and after pregnancy, and it becomes tough to get back in shape. But as a gym enthusiast, Lina took this opportunity as a challenge and worked diligently towards getting into shape. Her clean and healthy eating habits and regular exercise routine showed her quick results. Her colleagues and fans appreciated her rapid transformation.

As much as fitness is demanded from the industry, Lina considers this part of a lifestyle. Daily exercise for her is as necessary as having food. She believes incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine increases flexibility and boosts stamina. Acting on a film or series for long hours can drain the energy from even the healthiest of bodies. So, it is important to maintain a fit lifestyle to be a priority.

Making the Right Choice

It is all about making the right choice in the world of media. There may be plenty of opportunities out there, but selecting the right one can shoot your career graph in no time. Lina Cardona had initially entered the modeling career and later shifted towards acting. She first appeared in ‘Colombia’s Next Top Model.’ Although she was the first runner-up, her participation in a national reality tv show got her plenty of attention from the fashion industry. After the show, Lina received tons of modeling offers, but her always choosing the best created her reputation in the glam world.

In 2016, her debut in the famous Colombian tv series ‘Bloque de Busqueda’ marked her presence in the acting world. Her right career choices help her land on decent projects that later on turned into successful ones. Projects like ‘La Nocturna’ ‘La Reina Del Flow’ helped her create an international fanbase. Her excellent acting skills had created a buzz in Columbia and the whole of South America and made her a globally renowned personality within a very short period.

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