What are Buddhist Japa Beads and How to Use Them?

What are Buddhist Japa Beads and How to Use Them?

The Sanskrit word mala means a meditation garland. The mala beads are utilized for a specific type of meditation that is known as Japa. It means to recite. Mala is a tool to assist the mind in focusing on counting and meditation. There are 108 repetitions of these counting.

For hundreds of years, yogis and Buddhists use mala beads for their meditation. On the other hand, Japa is the type of meditation that is used to get peace of mind and relaxation. These people wear these beads mala as necklace, bracelets and garland to attain soul power. It offers compassion, love and embodies. In the areas, where these Buddhists live, these Japa mala beads for sale are readily available. In these regions, there is a great demand for these beads. Some people make their malas with the beads of precious stones. These types of malas are highly expensive. These are highly soft to touch and influence the personality of the user.

How to use these Japa mala beads?

These beads are used in different ways during meditation, but mantra repetition and breath control are two good starting points. In the method of controlling the breath, a person learns how to focus on a topic. It is the procedure in which you have to pay attention to your breathing. In this process, you can use mala to control your breath.

  • With one hand, you have to hold your mala.
  • Now, let it drop across the fingers to make its movement easy and smooth so that your concentration will not be distracted. Place your finger one of the beads and the other on the significant bead. Some people use their middle finger and thumb for it.
  • Now complete your breath with exhaling and inhaling.
  • Continue this procedure to every bead, and it will be done to complete 108 breaths.

You can repeat the procedure after completing your first round of mala.

Choosing the beads

These Japa malas come in a variety of colours and styles. The beads are made of different materials like wood, stones, precious items and seeds. Since you use the mala to promote relaxation and calm, it is vital to choose the beads that feel good to you. It is not wrong or right choice here. In the market, you will see different Japa mala beads for sale. These are readily available at an affordable cost. The majority of the people buy these items online.

Is this Japa beneficial?

Yes, it is. Most of the people do this meditation of Japa for mental peace and spirituality. No doubt, it is the best way to improve your focus and mental sharpness. Moreover, people get rid of tension with this type of meditation. It keeps them peaceful and calm. The meditation helps reducing stress level, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep and many more. It finishes negative thoughts and irritation. People who are doing this meditation, they remain cool and calm most of the time because it improves mood.

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