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In the millennial age, we have been glued to facebook, twitter, and instagram — our holy grail of social media apps. Not only have they become a social network that let us connect with others and share our real-time experiences or food that we eat or memes on how stressed we are with this pandemic (and when it’s really ever going to end), these have also been our sources of news. Unfortunately, with the multitude of news sources there’s bound to be a few that are fake especially on facebook. 

In a study published in the journal Nature: Human Behavior, they have dug some data that are both interesting and alarming. Andrew Guess of Princeton University led a team of researchers to track the internet use of over 3000 Americans in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. They discovered that Facebook refers users to untrustworthy news sources over 15% of the time which is in contrast with referral to authoritative news sites which only happens 6% of the time. 

The authors of the research state, “This pattern of differential Facebook visits immediately prior to untrustworthy website visits is not observed for Google (3.3% untrustworthy news versus 6.2% hard news) or Twitter (1% untrustworthy versus 1.5% hard news).”

Admit it, you have fallen victim to this once or twice. More importantly, we are sure that a “boomer” family or relative you have no choice but to click “Accept Friend Request” to had posted these quite a few times. As much as it’s annoying, it’s also alarming that people are being fed with this kind of news that they not only ingest but also quick to share to friends, group chats, and their timelines. 

In critical times just like this COVID-19 pandemic, it pays to have a trustworthy source of local Bay Area news which will keep you updated and “marked safe” from all the fake information. Instead of scrolling through your facebook timeline or keeping up with the trending on twitter switch to an authoritative news site like The San Francisco Times. The San Francisco Times provides you with quality articles and all you need to know about COVID-19 on an international, national, and state scale — that’s for you, San Franciscan!

According to the latest update by the World Health Organization, the US had already recorded 8,752,794 confirmed COVID cases and stacking up 225,985 deaths while the state of California has now contributed 904,198 cases with an estimated 43 deaths for every 100,000 cases. 

Even with the impact of news starting to relax a little with the passing months (or maybe we’re just getting detached and tired with it as well), it’s still very important to know the current happenings. This is not just talking about the numbers which can honestly be quite “depressing” to look at but also covers the different national and state regulations regarding the “new normal”. This includes announcements, travel requirements, traffic regulations as well as the reopening of businesses and other schedules. 

Knowing these things and having these information come from a reputable source will make your daily life combatting COVID a bit easier. That is, you are not walking on eggshells when you go outside and casually asking people you meet on how things go around in the “real world” because you have already been equipped with the necessary information. Not just that, you get all of this information on one site so you don’t have to pull on 5 tabs at a time to know what you need to know!

The San Francisco Times also gives you the latest on the world and local Bay Area news on business and politics so wherever you are or whatever time of the day, you are aware of what’s happening. You can also jump in and de-stress with articles about life — from culture to entertainment to the latest fashion (because we all want to look good on the very few times we go out) and lifestyle trends. You can also check out different interests like religion, technology, and sports or before you head out, get a quick update on traffic and weather. 

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