The 10 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

Generally, when it comes to watching a horror movie, people always go for zombie movies as there is less drama with a lot of excitement and thrill. But there are also some comedy zombie movies which can be watched by small children as well. So, in this article, we have listed some of the best zombie genre movies of all time with a bit of the movie’s summary.

10. Dead Snow

At the bottom of our list, we have Dead Snow which was released in 2009. Tommy Wirkola directs this movie.

What’s more awful than a Nazi? An undead Nazi. “Dead Snow” is a moderately direct endeavour to add another point to the class without including a lot of anything by any stretch of the imagination.

A gathering of eight Norwegian students of medical travel to a far-off Arctic mountain for an Easter weekend loaded up with skiing and unwinding.

After one of their gathering vanishes, while on a performance cross-country climb, a strange neighbourhood occupant tells the rest of the guests that, in the melting away long periods of World War II, a legion of Nazi troopers vanished into the close by woods after the inhabitants turned on them, and that their zombified bodies stay lurking in the shadows in the territory.

9. Fido

At the ninth position, we have Fido which was released in 2006. This movie is directed by Andrew Currie. Getting on topics introduced in Edgar Wright’s “Shaun of the Dead,” “Fido” gives watchers an alternate, peculiar glance at a zombie era.

Timmy’s zombie turns into his pet and also his best friend and is named Fido. In a time taking place just after the 1950s, a haze of radiation has covered the planet, turning the dead to be zombies that want to eat humans. An organization called Zomcon has had the option to control the population of zombies.

8. Zombieland

At the eighth position, we have Zombieland which was released in 2009. Ruben Fleischer directs this movie. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the scriptwriters behind the Deadpool films, went through years creating thoughts and ideas and gags for their zombie satire before writing this script and bringing it to us.

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It was created as a series for TV before being transformed into a film, which implied that it was full of evolution.

After an infection transforms the vast majority into zombies, the world’s enduring people remain to stay in a continuous fight against the zombies. Four survivors Tallahassee and his accomplices Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock keep a rundown of endurance rules and zombie-slaughtering systems as they advance to a safe place of refuge in Los Angeles.

7. Night of The Creeps

At the seventh position, we have Night of The Creeps, which was released in 1986. This movie is directed by Fred Dekker. Fred Dekker’s joyfully mocking reverence to B-films isn’t only a zombie film, yet it includes an intrusion of the undead.

Basically, Dekker took each hacky or exhausted circumstance he’d found in zombie films, alien pictures, and slasher films, and then finally packed them into a magnificently ludicrous and funny screenplay that he wrote in under seven days.

The characters’ names are totally taken from incredible repulsiveness chiefs – Romero, Carpenter, Raimi, Landis, Cameron, Cronenberg. This might be the best true to life tribute ever created, a postmodern satisfaction. It is a classic faction film. It was made to be a faction film.

6. 28 Days Later

At the sixth position, we have 28 Days Later which was released in 2002. This movie is directed by Danny Boyle. Danny rejects that this is a zombie film, yet it is, so it gets noticed. Cillian Murphy awakens a long time after he went under the blade for what should be a normal medical procedure and finds the roads vacant and attacked.

It doesn’t take him long to understand an infection has spread that transformed individuals into zombies and a couple of survivors remain.

It’s been a “natural selection” type circumstance, with just the most grounded and most able individuals making it this far, yet Cillian Murphy’s Jim isn’t really a decent survivor – he incidentally turned out to be oblivious for the principal month of the end of the world.

In this way, he’s our ticket into the dystopian world as a group of people. It’s a poor unfortunate soul story, which is an extraordinary method to bounce directly in and get the crowd up.

A social occasion of confounded fundamental basic entitlements activists frees a restricted chimp polluted with the “Fierceness” virus from a clinical exploration lab. Exactly when London bike courier Jim stirs from a condition of torpor a month after, he finds his city far from being deserted.

On the run from the zombie-like setbacks of the Rage, Jim runs over a get-together of survivors, including Frank and Selena, and obliges them on a dangerous trip to what he expects will be safe.

5. Re-Animator

At the fifth position, we have Re-Animator which was released in 1985. This movie is directed by Stuart Gordon. Stuart saw all the Dracula-esque films that came around during the ’80s to modernize the vampire kind and make it cool – Fright Night, The Lost Boys and so on – and chose to do likewise for the Frankenstein story. The outcome was this strange, bloody, wrecked Lovecraftian story of vivified cut off heads and sexual maltreatment.

One of the film’s most noteworthy resources is its melodic score, formed by the incomparable Richard Band in the style of Bernard Herrmann’s alarming score for Psycho. If you think Re-Animator is any acceptable, you can’t reject that it’s a dim, curved, and exceptionally one of a kind bit of work.

Approximately dependent on H P Lovecraft’s exemplary repulsiveness story, Herbert West is a youthful researcher who has a decent head on his shoulders and another on the lab table before him.

4. REC

At the fourth position, we have REC which was released in 2007. This movie is directed by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero. A mix-up that a ton of zombie films make is attempting to show the zombie that would end the world on a large scale.

The producers take on too much all at once (as it were) as they endeavour to portray an infection spreading over a whole nation – or the world! – transforming individuals into human eating freaks. Yet, discovered film story REC keeps things refreshingly personal and intimidating.

A TV reporter and her camera group end up isolated in a building as a zombie infection gradually spreads among the few cast of characters. The running undead blended in with the precarious camera angles makes this movie a fossilized work of horror film.

Late-night TV journalist Angela and her crew are covering the fire department on a call to a building, however, the Spanish police decided to seal the apartment after an elderly person is tainted by an infection which invigorates her barbaric.

3. ParaNorman

At the third position, we have ParaNorman which was released in 2012. This movie is directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. The nearest thing ever constructed to a zombie film for kids that catch the fear and fun of zombie films for grown-ups, ParaNorman is a horror parody experience delivered by the great individuals at Laika. Laika may not be as large as Pixar or DreamWorks yet, however, it is unobtrusively getting one of the most imaginative voices in the animation world.

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With stars like Casey Affleck, and Leslie Mann, and Jeff Garlin in the voice cast, the film can be taken pleasure by adults similarly to kids. It’s a decent and ideal opportunity for the whole family! That isn’t something that can be said of various zombie films.

Teen Norman Babcock can talk with the dead and he regularly inclines toward their organization to that of the living. Norman gets word from his peculiar Uncle Prenderghast that a decades-old witch’s revile in their town is genuine and going to materialize and that no one but Norman can stop it. At the point when zombies ascend from their graves, Norman must call all his mental fortitude and sympathy and stretch his paranormal capacities as far as possible to spare his fellow residents.

2. Shaun of the Dead

At the second position, we have Shaun of the Dead, which was released in 2004. This movie is directed by Edgar Wright. The essential bit of Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy may in like manner be the most grounded.

It surely has the most impenetrable content, which doesn’t squander a solitary line – either building up the plot or building up the characters and in every case interesting – and utilizes each scholarly gadget in the book, including one motivated hinting scene that spreads out the entire plot of the film at an opportune time.

Shaun of the Dead isn’t a parody of the zombie type – it’s a zombie film that warmly tributes each figure of speech of the zombie sort and furthermore turns out to be comical. But on the other hand, it’s a passionate ride with a certifiable interest in its characters and their connections.

Shaun is around 30 a failure with a dull, straightforward presence. Right when he’s not working at the devices store, he lives with his untidy dearest companion, named Ed, on the edges of London. The fundamental inconsistent thing in his life is his darling, named Liz, who wishes hopelessly for Shaun to grow up and put everything in order. Exactly when the town is bafflingly attacked with zombies, Shaun must adjust to the circumstance and secure both his mother and his girlfriend, Liz.

1. Dawn of the Dead

At the top of our list, we have Dawn of the Dead which was released in 1978. This movie is directed by George A. Romero. Romero characterized the advanced zombie with his 1968 work of art Night of the Living Dead. However, it wouldn’t be until 10 years after the fact, in 1978, that he culminated the zombie film with the continuation Dawn of the Dead.

Though the main film had remarked on prejudice, this one handled commercialization in an ironic manner. The survivors wind up staying in a shopping centre that is immediately amassed with the undead.

Romero’s point is that we’re as of now careless zombies rushing to the shopping centre. In any case, this would all be negligible in the event that it wasn’t startling, firmly plotted, drawing in, and loaded up with characters you care about – fortunately, it prevails generally speaking.

At the point when her significant other is assaulted by a zombified neighbour, Ana figures out how to get away, just to understand her whole Milwaukee neighbourhood has been overwhelmed by the strolling dead.

Subsequent to being addressed by mindful police officer Kenneth, Ana goes along with him and a little gathering that inclines toward the nearby shopping centre as a stronghold of security. When they persuade dubious safety officers that they are not tainted, the gathering groups together to battle the undead swarms.


So, there you go these were some of the best zombie movies of all time that made it to our list. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and maybe this article has given you some new movies to watch.

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We would highly recommend all these movies to be watched at least once. 

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