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Six Things You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Are you thinking about buying basic stuff for your kitchen or confused to buy? Often it happens you have all edibles in your kitchen, but sometimes you get worried when you need something for cutting, or you need something on which you can cut fruits, vegetables, and other perishables and you don’t find it out at that time. It is the need of every kitchen to have basic stuff in their kitchens but, who will tell you how to buy and from where to buy these things? You will get the information about these things in this write-up.

Necessary Knives

There are many different knives used in the kitchen for different purposes but, three knives must be at hand in your kitchen.

  • The cook’s knife is the most important has a blade between five to nine inches. This knife is used for chopping.
  • A paring knife having a blade in the range between two to four inches looks like a cook’s knife. A paring knife is used for trimming vegetables, exfoliate onions or pithing tomatoes.
  • A serrated knife looks like a saw with its toothlike edges. It is mostly used for cutting foods having a hard exterior and soft interior like a loaf of crusty bread.

Cutting Board

If you have knives in your kitchen you must have a cutting board for preparing food. There many types of cutting boards made from different materials like plastic, leather, and wood. But the wood and plastic cutting board is best for your kitchen because they are lighter weight and durable.

Sexton Says “I have a very pretty little marble board that sits out on my kitchen counter, but it’s more for show. Those are going to dull your knives, so I wouldn’t recommend doing heavy-duty chopping on glass or stone,”

Kitchen Apron

An apron is the most salient thing in your kitchen to protect yourself and your clothes from spills and smudges. It is also used for cleaning your dirty hands as you won’t go to wash your hand whenever you have touched something. An apron is also important for hygienic purposes as it covers the front of the body. They are available in every size and in every color or design, also funny kitchen aprons and simple kitchen aprons you can buy according to your choice.

Pressure Cooker

If you have no time for cooking or you need your food cooked quickly you must have a pressure cooker in your kitchen. It works on the high-pressure principle and prepared your food within a couple of minutes. Before using a pressure cooker you must be aware of its precautions as it stores very high pressure and the high-temperature liquid inside. You can buy it in any size and in any design according to your need.


Sometimes we cook food at high temperatures like beef and we need a spoon for Stirling that food. For that purpose, if we use a metal spoon it will get hot soon and it can burn your hand. And if you use a plastic spoon there is a danger that it may melt or leach toxic chemicals in your food. So wooden spoons are the best choice for you to avoid any danger and will be helpful for hygienic. Wooden spoons are available in different sizes, you can buy as per your requirements and desideratum.

A Water Ionizer

I might be surprise for you to hear that water ionizer machine is one of the necessities me see you must have in your kitchen. The reason is unawareness related to harm we’re getting from tap water. Most of our tap water is not pure and clean to drink. It has potentially harmful components inside the water you drink. This is, perhaps, one of the things that we mostly tend to overlook. Moreover, drinking healthy water plays a key role in our overall health and wellbeing. In this respect, researchers have discovered the numerous benefits linked to alkaline water. And a good water ionizer machine is the only solution to get the best out of your water.

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