The average golf tournament is great and all, but have you ever considered arranging a fancy pants golf tournament? I think not. The fancy pants golf tournament is just like any other tournament. However, it comes with a twist — the attendees have to wear the fanciest and the loudest golf attire they possess. But, you may be wondering how to manage a tournament of this scale and making it successful. Breathe easy, for here are some tips to avoid failure and hosting a fantastic game.

Plan Ahead

The first step to initiating any event or process requires extensive planning and research. Therefore, you must begin to organize the event by establishing tournament goals, for instance, gaining a specific amount of money for charitable tournaments. A good start is to determine the amount you need to raise while generating an estimate of the costs that may occur. Moreover, it would be wise to create a detailed plan that indicates your objectives and other responsibilities.

Planning and researching go hand-in-hand when it comes to such events. Start by contacting the locals and find out if there are other tournaments taking place. An excess of fundraisers can lead to failure and low attendance, resulting in unachievable goals. Nevertheless, you must avoid scheduling your event against other fundraisers.

Assembling a Committee

The success of an event relies heavily on the recruited management staff. While doing everything yourself is possible, an appropriate team can complete the tasks faster and more efficiently. Ideally, the committee must consist of knowledgeable individuals with diverse skill sets. Likewise, they must also share a common interest in attaining the goals established by the organization. A fantastic tip would be to include skilled golfers in your planning committee. Although they lack fundraising knowledge, they will undoubtedly help you understand how a golf tournament works.

Event Essentials

From marketing experts and photographers to sponsors and prize committees, the required skill sets are quite diverse. You may also need to look into a volunteer manager/committee to organize staff for the event day and activities. Also, you must tend to arrange the refreshments and edibles provided during the event. Considering the course size, you may also need a restroom service. Since your guests will be fancy, why not rent deluxe portable restrooms to avoid any inconvenience.

Selecting the Golf Course

The selection of the right golf course is possibly the most crucial step of the process. For gaining credibility among the golfers, sponsors, and attendees, it is vital to pick a highly rated course for the event. It would be best to avoid local community courses even if they seem more inexpensive. Some golf courses may require members-only access. Hence, getting in touch with such members beforehand and gaining their approval must be planned as early as possible.

Additionally, a good partnership with a golf course will lay the foundation for your event’s success. After identifying the golf course fitting your requirements, the next step would be to negotiate with the course staff. The rule of thumb dictates to use written agreements and signing them to alleviate any difficulties on the event’s day.

Recruiting Golfers

Once you’re done planning the event, you can look forward to the next step as inviting golfers to the tournament. However, golfers are likely to have a set of requirements that need fulfillment before they consider participating. Thus, focusing on these factors and providing them seamlessly to the golfers will only ensure your fundraiser’s success. Initially, you must clarify your goals and cause for the event. For most golfers, this aspect itself makes or breaks the deal. If they support your cause, they are likely to participate and even relay the event to their friends and family.

Furthermore, since many players live and breathe golf, they will participate in the event without hesitating. To them, the tournament would be an excellent opportunity to bond with their loved ones or meet some new people. Similarly, hosting the event in a private course can prove to be a huge draw. Therefore, advertising this aspect of the event is likely to fetch more contestants.

Contests and Games

Alas, having sent your invitations and planning the event, the final tip would be to pick some games. While putting aside the fancy pants contest, some other options include the different golf games. A tournament with just one type of play would seem rather bland and unappealing. While you may suck at one game, you are likely to excel in the other. Thus, bearing that in mind, you must handpick the ones that everyone may enjoy and win.

Some ideas for the games include the long putt, long drive, gambling hole, and mulligans. There are several other options, but these games have proven to be entertaining for both: contestants and the audience.


Once the tournament ends, you may consider to lay back and relax. However, there are a few other matters you must deal with before wrapping up the match. Since the participants are likely to have families and children, cleaning up the trash is imperative. Not only will you promote environmental friendliness, but you will also help strengthen your relations with the course staff. Likewise, be sure to pay the bills timely and return the sponsored signs. Since the event is a fundraiser, you must deliver the amount to the reputable charity organization. Finally, start preparing for next year, and feel free to use the tips mentioned above to boost your event’s success.

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