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It is rewarding to sponsor an infant, the child, and their whole community. And because hopenowusa.org supports children differently than others, people also ask about our strategy and what to expect. So here we found it worth responding. If you wish to participate in orphan sponsorship, read on!

Where is my money being sponsored?

We have been developing the most successful way to make positive improvements to supported children and their families through supporters’ contributions for 40 years.

How do we settle on the spending of your money? We do not. We do not. We ask neighborhoods and our local workers if they desperately need it and let them know. So, 80% of your funding money goes to your child’s society, while we spend 20% on education and find more sponsors.

Through years of experience, we have understood that his community in isolation does not support a child. Special schooling, gifts, or something would only foster reliance and would not allow children to change their living conditions in the long run. To find a few happier children to obtain special education.

For example, where the land in the area where a child lives is infertile, and food is challenging to produce, the child cannot maintain him or her until they leave school. Likewise, people would begin to get sick if there is no safe water source. We assume that discussing the root causes of suffering is the only way to help.

Sponsoring funding supports the entire society so that children can live and grow up in a stable and secure atmosphere. Only by encouraging families and neighborhoods to recognize their challenges and collaborate in seeking their solutions will the meaningful change be made.

What are the child’s benefits who is being sponsored?

Initially, in the 1970s, children’s sponsorship was developed to provide individual children with the books, uniforms, and supplies required for education. Over the years, though, our research has demonstrated that children can never advance without flourishing their families and societies.

By implementing this, children’s sponsorship initiatives, clean water, health care, farming projects, income creation schemes, and training centers are given to the entire population in areas where schools are not open.

We also know that when a child is starving or permanently sick due to a lack of safe water and health services, their schooling capacity will be severely impaired.

As a supporter, you can get daily news and updates from your supported child about how your money is spent to transform lives, as well as reports from the media. Thanks to your investment, you will see your child rise and grow.

How are children selected to be sponsored?

After our government, local staff and supporters agree to collaborate with Us in support. They meet families to demonstrate how sponsorship works. No “successful” child sponsorship screening process is available: only children and their parents must be eligible to participate.

We hope that the child’s support and support can get to know each other and understand their lives by writing to each other. Thousands of donors and children from all over the world have been able to help this dream, who report to each other and exchange letters and drawings.

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