Can Tayfun Mandir: A 20 year old entrepreneur is ready to take on the e-commerce industry by storm with his revolutionary and unconventional methods.

Shopping online used to be a matter of comfort and privilege and now, It has become a necessity. Even when the Global Economy is in recession during the pandemic, e-commerce is the one sector that has been constantly growing at an unprecedented pace. Many people’s lives and businesses depended on e-commerce industry to survive.

Can Tayfun Mandir, a 20-year-old businessman from Hannover, Deutschland is successfully running his drop-shipping and e-commerce business. As a High School graduate, he brilliantly perceives the finesse of the trade and of what works in the market. He explains how to avoid the losses and make profits.

Can Mandir has achieved such great heights of success at a young age in his business because of his focused nature. As a person, he’s single-minded and consistent. He believes in the mantra of ‘Winners find the reasons and Losers find excuses.’
Can Mandir is unstoppable and ruthless when it comes to dealing with the obstacles in his profession. This is the dedication that helped him reach at this level in his work despite having no formal training or relevant education.

On the question of what hardships he has endured to be where he is today, Can Madir talkes about how he has spent many sleepless nights and scarificed many valuable friendships to follow his passion and turn his business into a brand. He further says, “I was a student with no income and now I generate 6 digits monthly sales through sales and coaching.”

About his business, Mandir shares some insights, “We operate e-commerce and coaching. Depending on the effort, you generate different amounts of sales. “
A lot of people aren’t well versed with the line of e-commerce but Can Mandir has shared how he manages to proficiently run his venture by understanding a simple thing about his line of work.

He shared one of his working methods that can be quite helpful to those who are interested in drop shipping and e-commerce. Can Tayfun Mandir reveals, “We work simply and risk-free. In dropshipping / e-commerce, we don’t have to buy any goods in advance unless the customer pays us for the goods.”

Can Mandir wants people to be clear about the idea of E-commerce. He believes that it will be the future and more and more entrepreneurs will indulge in it. Building an ecommerce business takes more than choosing a brand name, writing product listings, and starting to sell products online. One must know very well how to drive up the sales, especially during the times when we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can Mandir is not only a business man but a social influencer and motivator as well. His vision is to make people rethink about the decisions in their life. He descibes schools in one line as, ‘The school is nothing more than the training facilities for employees.’ His plan is to lead as many people as possible into self employement and make them financially independent.

He wants to expand in German Speaking area and offer services across Europe. In his own words, ‘Management Consulting is the goal.’

With his enthusiasm, driven focus and a positive attitude, Can Mandir aims to revolutionize the future of e-commerce industry.


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