Where to Buy Surgical Masks in Canada?

As Canada notices an uptick in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, the outbreak calls for the utmost caution and care from everyone. This not only refers to those from the healthcare industry but also includes the general public.

Since COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, every single Canadian must play a role in curbing its spread. Maintaining a distance of 2 meters from others, washing hands frequently throughout the day, and wearing face coverings are all essential practices in this regard.

If you want to play a significant role in reducing the spread of COVID-19, it’s crucial to have the right resources at hand. Along with accurate advice from public health experts, this also includes equipment such as a surgical mask Canada organizations institute in their protocols.

To understand why you need these masks in the first place and where you can buy them in Canada, here’s a lowdown on this essential safety equipment.

Face Coverings Such As a Surgical Mask Canada Offers Can Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Since the novel coronavirus was identified back in December 2019, there have been numerous debates about its transmission mode. By now, the primary way for the virus to spread is certainly through respiratory droplets.

These respiratory droplets are released by those infected with COVID-19. Whenever a patient with a novel coronavirus infection talks, sneezes, coughs or breathes, they discharge these tiny droplets into the air with the novel coronavirus particles attached to them. If someone else inhales these droplets, they can catch the virus and its associated disease.

To stay away from this scenario and its consequences, health experts advise maintaining a distance from anyone who is not a member of your household. To reduce the risk of surface transmissions, they suggest sanitizing your hands every few hours, especially after an outdoor visit.

This social distancing and its applicable restrictions on large gatherings go a long way in curbing the virus’s spread. But there are times when maintaining a physical distance of at least 2 meters is not possible. That’s where the recommendation to wear face coverings comes in.

Face Masks Can Help Absorb Your Respiratory Droplets

According to various studies, a large number of COVID-19 infections go unnoticed due to showing no symptoms. These infections are also referred to as asymptomatic cases.

If you have an asymptomatic infection of the novel coronavirus, you wouldn’t even know if you have caught the disease. But you would still be able to transmit it to others through your respiratory droplets.

This particular scenario can happen to anyone and remains no one’s fault. But what you can do to help others through it is to wear a simple face covering such as a surgical mask Canada citizens will wear.

These masks can absorb your respiratory droplets whenever you are out in public, and reduce your chances of spreading the virus inadvertently. That’s the reason why Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam advises the general public to wear face-covering whenever social distancing isn’t possible. When everyone wears a mask to protect each other, it can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. With their easy accessibility and widespread availability, surgical masks Canada citizens tend to use will fit the bill perfectly.

Now that you understand the reasoning behind masking up, it is time to find where you can buy these masks in Canada.

You Can Purchase Them Through Online Retailers

One of the simplest ways to buy these surgical masks Canada citizens use is through online retailers such as 72hours.ca. This purchase mode ensures that you don’t have to break any social distancing protocols or risk your safety to buy this essential equipment. You can visit their website, place the order for the required quantity, and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

Buying your mask over the web also gives you the option to pay online, which adds another physical distancing mechanism to the process. When you get the equipment from a dependable seller, it also ensures that it reaches you on time, so you don’t have to compromise on taking critical trips without masking up.

Select online retailers also can fulfill larger surgical mask Canada citizens approve of in orders at short notice. This ensures that you can quickly get the required number of masks, even for a corporate or healthcare entity.

You May Buy Them From Credible Pharmacies

In case you need to buy your masks on an urgent basis, you can visit a reliable pharmacy. These pharmacies have a variety of masks available, but they only sell them through in-person settings.

That’s why you must visit a location that follows COVID-19 safety practices such as social distancing and mask-wearing on its premises. This ensures that you don’t have to ironically put your safety on the line only to get this essential equipment.

Depending upon the store you visit, you can easily buy high-quality masks in your required quantity. But to make sure that you are risking your safety for nothing, you must call these local pharmacies ahead of your visit.

This helps you ensure that they have your preferred mask in stock before you drive up to their facility.

You May Get Them Through Manufacturers

In case you are purchasing your surgical mask stock for a corporate entity or healthcare center, you can place orders for large quantities directly with the manufacturers. This helps you cut through the time it takes for the equipment to reach you and allows you to have a proper deadline in place for extensive requirements.

As mentioned above, this process comes with added perks, such as direct deliveries from the manufacturing facility. In many cases, you can place your orders ahead of time and pay shortly before delivery. This ensures that your facility doesn’t run out of stock even with consistent use of these disposable masks.

With that being said, this option is not available to individuals who want to buy masks for personal use. In that case, it is best to contact an online retailer or visit a pharmacy in person to purchase your masks.

Reliability Stands Front and Center When Selecting an Option

Fortunately, the recent manufacturing capacity of personal protective equipment (PPE) has ensured that these masks are not difficult to reach for the general public in Canada.

With that being said, it’s still important to know where you can find them through reliable sellers. This ensures that you steer clear of any unnecessary issues and keep everyone around you safe from COVID-19.

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