Latest Tech Trends in Digital Marketing Industry

Latest Tech Trends in Digital Marketing Industry

Regardless of your industry sector, or whether you sell products or service, digital marketing is an integral and vital aspect to support your success and help you acquire new clients, alongside retaining old clients by cementing brand loyalty.

A few years, companies could fare well with just a website and a Facebook page, but since then, the digital landscape has evolved so rapidly, making it increasingly hard to keep up with the pace of evolving trends.

In 2020, businesses that do not enjoy a flourishing online presence find it hard to carve out a competitive edge in the industry. Marketers are always on the hunt to embrace and adapt to evolving digital marketing trends and explore creative tools to help their organizations stay on the forefront of digital evolution.

Digital Darwinism is the most powerful reality of our times, and this article will walk you through the latest trends that you need to embrace in order to be digitally savvy and innovative.

Facebook is Losing its Charm

Experts believe that Facebook is peaking because more than 41% of its users are above the age of 65. As older people are catching up with Facebook, millennials are moving towards other platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube. Millennials and younger audiences prefer more interactive and visually appealing platforms, compelling marketers to make the switch.

In the wake of the 2018 data breach scandal, Facebook seems to have lost its credibility and trustworthiness. Once a dominant force, today, Facebook has lost the appeal it once enjoyed amongst marketers. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore Facebook entirely, but rather, you should choose other platforms to appeal to millennials and the Gen Z.

Instagram is the Kingpin

Instagram is witnessing enormous popularity with over one billion users; it is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms. Brands that are focused on the younger demographic have much to gain by turning their attention to Instagram and utilizing its many features to power their marketing campaigns with visuals and interactive features.

Carole Murphy, Creative Content Designer from Top Sewing Machine says “Instagram allows various features and tools that help businesses elevate their content quality and reach out to their audience in creatively immersive ways. The platform offers insights to help you evaluate the performance of each post and strategy. Instagram Live and stories are particularly effective at engaging your audience and staying at the forefront”

Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search and Virtual Reality

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots are here to dominate the digital landscape with their superior customer service. Chatbots act as virtual concierges, and are much more efficient at interacting with humans and assisting customers. They communicate in a very natural way, utilizing both, text chats and verbal interactions.

Shayne Sherman, CEO of Techloris suggests “Amazon is also working on furniture companies to making the most of Virtual Reality by allowing their customers to experience how the furniture would look in their homes including many beauty and retail brands use this technology to give an idea to customers about how a product will look before buying it. According to statistics, people who try products using VR technology are not only more likely to purchase but also less likely to return it”  

AI algorithms allow chatbots to collection insights from data and customer interactions within a matter seconds, allowing them to be much more efficient than humans. They can go through enormous amounts of data within a matter of seconds, to put forward recommendations and resolve customer queries with the speed of lightening.

Stewart Dunlop Founder and CEO, says “We can easily see that the future of Digital Marketing is shifting toward Voice Search as people are more tend to speak to voice assistants using a conversational tone, questions, and long-tail keywords”

Stewart further added “To increase your visibility against voice queries, you need to emphasize your location-based services including location keywords as customers are more likely to include location terms in their voice queries”

Videos are a Vital Necessity

If your digital marketing isn’t powered with video marketing, you are missing out a vital ingredient to help you build competitiveness and brand integrity. Videos have the power to sell by inspiring, entertaining and informing your audience. Today’s world is smartphone-crazy, and while your target audience doesn’t have the time or energy to read through lengthy blog posts, they’re willing to take out 2 minutes to watch an entertaining video.

Modern-day users seek out immersive and inspiring video content that they can watch and share with their friends and followers. They seek out videos to examine product reviews, tutorials and learn more about brands before making buying decisions.

Adding immersive videos to your digital marketing mix is an excellent strategy to boost your brand engagement, generate leads and convert these leads into customers.

In the end

Digital marketing is all about creativity and the incorporation of innovative tools to offer your audience the kind of marketing initiatives that they seek. While videos are swiftly on the rise, this doesn’t mean that content has lost its importance. Content marketing was and will remain a vital ingredient to build and sustain your digital marketing success.

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