It’s easier to buy Alaskan king crab online

Way back in your college days in Boston there was an incredible little fish market on Hanover Street, three blocks away from your apartment. You never knew how much you could love eating seafood until your girlfriend started making easy fish recipes with fish from this place. The simple recipes eventually became more ambitious and the assortment of seafood more diverse. After the two of you (now married) moved to a small town near Lincoln Nebraska, the nightlife and the Red Sox games at Fenway weren’t the only thing you missed; you missed the seafood. There are a couple of large grocery stores close to you, more if you drive right into Lincoln, of course, and they all have a selection of seafood but you’ve yet to find anything remotely similar to that little place on Hanover Street. The selection where you live is poor and what fish there is simply doesn’t compare. Your neighbor from down the road grew up in Rockport and he says it’s the freshness plain and simple. With regards to seafood, freshness is everything. He confessed to you the other day that when he wants fresh seafood these days he uses an online seafood store that he discovered.

 I didn’t know I could actually buy fish online. Sounds crazy to me. Is it really safe?

It is not only safe, it’s a thriving business. With the internet, the sophistication of ecommerce these days, and the use of couriers, you can get great prices on a broad selection of fish and seafood and get it delivered right to your door. It couldn’t be easier.

 Just how fresh is it though? I mean getting fish by mail makes me nervous.

Well, obviously, when you buy fish online it is not sent by regular post; it is sent by way of a courier like FedEx or UPS. Your order is specially packed and sent to you utilizing next day service. In terms of freshness, if you discover a good site, you can be certain to get fish three times fresher than virtually any grocery store and most likely fresher than most seafood stores.

 I do not understand, how can a Fevered piece of fish possibly be fresher than the fish in most fish markets?

When considering online seafood sites it is all about the retail chain. How many people actually handle the fish between the time it comes out of the sea and the time it lands on your plate? A good online seafood store can circumvent a lot of the middle men. Currently, with some sites, you are able to have your order actually packed on the boat and shipped to you the very next day. Many fish markets will have middlemen and brokers between them and the ocean.

 And the selection is good?

The selection is going to have seasonal aspects to it of course, but, yes, it is really good. All types of fish and seafood is readily available. Anything from sushi quality tuna to mussels to live Alaskan king crabs. When was the last time you saw all of that at a seafood store?

If you are really missing great seafood and want to treat yourself, why not go online and Google ‘Online Seafood Shop’ or ‘Buy Fish Online’ and find out what comes up? Just make sure that you choose a site that ships to you directly from the ship rather than a warehouse someplace. It’s going to be like having that little shop on Hanover Street delivering right to your door. Just Google paddlefish caviar price.

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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