iPhone Repair Solution For A Locked Phone 

The one common enemy of iPhone users is a locked or disabled phone, which may occur for several reasons. Still, this article will suggest easy iPhone Repair solutions to fix your Apple problems.

As much as we claim that cell phones are an innovation that has brought about big distraction, in the end, it is the most helpful gadget that has been invented. Why? Just look at this instance right now. If you did not have a cell phone, how would you have accessed this article, let alone read it? How would you have contacted family members who are countries or even continents away? How would you have mailed important documents on the go? Everything is a blessing and a curse. It all depends on what you choose to make out of it. 

Enough of the self-improvement talk now! Let’s get started with what you’re here for. Here are some easy solutions to unlock your locked phone at home just with the help of your computer. You will also learn about how to do Samsung Repair.

Reasons your phone is disabled or locked:

Apple is very particular about security. Hence, it is no wonder if your iPhone gets disabled easily. Varying reasons cause your phone to be either disabled or locked. Two of the most common reasons for which are the following. 

  • Forgotten or incorrect passcode 
  • Entering the wrong passcode or Touch ID exceeding the limits of 10 entries

iPhone repair solutions 

Unlock iPhone with Mac

  • Open iTunes on your Mac and log in with your Apple account.
  • Backup the iPhone and allow iTunes to sync your iPhone. 
  • Next, a notification will appear asking you to update or restore the iPhone. Click on restore. This will restore your data. 
  • In case you have not backed up your phone, be prepared to lose your data. You will have to set your phone on recovery mode, which will enable it again like it’s a new phone. 

Unlock iPhone with Windows 

  • Connect your iPhone with the computer you have used for backup. 
  • Open iTunes and sync your phone with it. 
  • The same notification, as mentioned above, should appear and click the restore button. Your iPhone will begin to restore. This will take some time, but your phone will be unlocked.
  • If you never backed up your phone before and you do not have iTunes on your computer, install the app. It is free. 
  • After installing the app, you will need to press some buttons here and set it in recovery mode. Pressing the buttons depends on which iPhone model you own.  
  • Once your phone is in recovery mode, repeat the above process. However, your data cannot be restored. Once it recovers, it will seem like you just brought it with all the settings needed to be set again. 

Sum up:

These are some simple solutions to unlock your iPhone. Hopefully, it is helpful. It is better to take precautions rather than spending time fixing it, so try not to cause your phone to be disabled in the first place. Therefore, stay alert! And find out more effective ideas about how to do Ipad Repair.

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