California’s Very Own WRRY Drops Anticipated Single “Cashing Out”

California’s Very Own WRRY Drops Anticipated Single “CASHIN’ OUT”

WRRY is one of the rare few rappers who has had success releasing music in 2020. With his first release this year “Jealousy” blowing up hitting one hundred thousand views in just the first few months, he hasn’t slowed down since. Now still applying the pressure, the California native now gives his fans “CASHIN’ OUT” which has potential to be his biggest song yet.

Starting out, it should be noted that the track is only one minute and thirty nine seconds long. Knowing his younger fans have a short attention span, this was a smart move by WRRY. When listening, the rapper brings a catchy flow with a melodic chorus that is short and sweet, making the listener want to replay the track over and over again. Along with the vocals, the beat is also addicting with its dancing hi hats and ambient chords that blend well simultaneously.

It’s hard to say how many people were expecting WRRY to take off this year, but with his short song strategy we could start to understand why. With “CASHIN’ OUT” being under two minutes and having a chorus that gets stuck in your head, it would be no surprise if the California rappers new track was put on repeat around the nation.

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