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Caviar is fish roe or egg that is mainly found in the Caspian Sea. The fishes that are found in Caspian se are unique. They vary in shape, sizes and color, and physical appearance. And that is why their eggs are available in a different color. Caviar lovers can easily purchase highly nutritious and protein-rich caviars from the best online store Caspian Monarque. From the official site of Caspian Monarque, you can browse different varieties of Caviar online. Hence if you are searching on the net for fresh Caviar, you can buy Caviar from our site. Here is some reason why you should purchase Caviar from us.

  • Availability of a wide variety of Caviar:- As we know, there are many fishes found in the Caspian sea. Salmon, steelhead, trout, lumpfish, and whitefish are some fishes that are commonly found here. The roe of these fish is very nutritious and rich in protein. We have many varieties of Caviar that is available in different colors. You can purchase them online from our e-commerce site. Due to the scarcity of Caviar worldwide, these products are high in demand in many countries. It is impossible to make it available in all places and sell it through offline stores, as found on the Caspian Sea belt.
  • Standard quality of the product: – Our Company keeps the entire quality standard before packaging of Caviars. The products that are enlisted on the official site undergo a product quality assurance test. We enlist only those caviars that are tested ok in our product quality assurance test.
  • Affordable fixed rates: – Caviars that we provide to our customers are available online at fixed, affordable rates as there is no brokerage charge. Unlike other online stores that keep on fluctuating Caviars’ prices as per demand and supply, we keep the price stable. You can buy Caviar at cheap rates.

Why is Caviar in great demand these days?

Caviars are protein-rich fish eggs. They are salty and rich in minerals as well. Eating them regularly increases energy, stamina and provide immunity against diseases. They are used for the decoration of cakes and garnishing special Russian or Iranian dishes. To balance the sweetness of pancakes, Caviar is used. They are used for stuffing in many cakes due to delicacy and salty taste. Many people love to eat Pizza, which has caviar toppings. That is why Caviar is in great demand these days. Being a highly nutritious diet, they are the first choice of health-conscious people. Iranian food is known for garnishing and rich in decoration. Caviar is the primary choice of every chef in Iran.

Caviar is only found near the Caspian Sea. Due to this scarcity, it is available in limited places only. That is why you can purchase this special Caviar online from the official site of Caspian Monarque. From our online store, you can browse different Caviar categories and purchase highly nutritious and protein-rich Caviars at affordable fixed rates.

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