Buggzy Hoffa

There are many things to talk about in recent situations like pandemic, economical aspects, social and moral values, the present and future happenings and much more. There are a lot of issues and problems in this world to be faced. There are different ways and means to spotlight these issues. The different people define the same issue differently with totally different views. One of those is the racial issue of black and white that was common in America.

Buggzy Hoffa is one of those who unfold the today’s culture in the perspective of a black man in the lyrical style. Buggzy Hoffa proclaims that the catastrophic result can be prevailed from a traffic stop in the street music style. He has become the voice of sorrows of the people, those having no shelter, no food and even no hope of goodness. These people do not sleep with dreams. They are totally broken from inner and outer sides.

“Pray On” is the song sung by Boggzy Hoffa that is dedicated to the back men residing in any part of the world. This raises the slogan of Black Lives Matter. This song has two charms: at first it gives one a lot of entertainment and the second it teaches a lesson of equality for all human beings and mitigates the difference on the basis of color and creed. Pray On is the moving grooving type of music with the lesson that seems all too absent from today’s music scene.

The song points up all the difficulties and problems that are faced by the black on the basis of their race. They were totally ignored and hatred by doing nothing but the God gifted color. The black were treated like animals without doing anything wrong. They were not given any right of living a happy life. They were given no attention or importance at all in various countries in the world.

Especially in America there was no any rule that can provide justice for them.

A lot of movements were raised by the black for the equal rights. Recently an incident occurred in America, a black man named George Floyd was harshly murdered on the basis of racism by American police officers in the open street. The incident moved the whole America to ensure the equality of the mankind on racial base.

The theme of this song is that don’t judge the people on the basis of caste, culture, creed, and color. All human beings are equal in all the aspects of living.



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