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6 Ideas for a Socially-Distanced Student Party

The year 2020 might be one of the worst ones to throw big parties. A lot of venues are closed and festivals are rescheduled to the next year. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a little fun. 

Of course, students still want to meet with friends and have a good time. And it is totally possible to do while being responsible and cautious. And if you are worried about the college assignments, you can always delegate them to and relax. After all, everyone now deserves a bit of rest.

General Rules of Social Distancing

Although we’ve heard it too many times, it is essential to always stay on the safe side. Here are some rules to consider before hosting a party.

Keep It Simple

Do not invite 200 people, it is not safe. Only invite the small group of close friends that are not in the risk group. Make sure that there is enough space for people to keep at least a 1-meter distance;

  • It is better to avoid closed spaces that are crowded. There should be a constant and significant airflow;
  • Do not hug each other, just wave hands me and put for a greeting;
  • Have a place for everyone to wash their hands with soap or provide sanitizer;
  • Make sure that everyone has their own plate, cup, or glass. You can even label them in a fun way;
  • And, of course, wear a mask unless you are with people you were quarantining all this time.

Fun Party Ideas while Keeping Social Distance

Digital Gathering

Of course, you must have already heard about Zoom parties. They were hugely popular in the spring and the beginning of the summer. And they are still fun and safe. 

All you need is to set the time, choose a theme, and put on some funky backgrounds. There are lots of things to add, like the shared playlist so you all are on the same page. 

You can play games, talk, or dance. Of course, it might feel a bit unusual for a start, but after some time you’ll get used to it. And it is the safest way to host a big party with all your student friends, especially if they are in the other parts of the country now.

Picnic in a Park

Outdoors is another safe option to stay responsible during this time but have all your friends around. Open spaces have great ventilation and there is a lower risk of spreading any virus. 

Even if it is cold now in your region, you can still host a picnic, just dress up warm. Ask all your friends to bring something to sit on and warm clothes. Each can also take their sandwiches or other snacks with them. But do not share them or do it safely. 

You can play some outdoor games, like Frisbee or badminton. Overall, it is a nice and cozy idea to chill and hang out.

Backyard Barbeque

Well, it might sound too old-fashioned for today’s students, but it is still a nice option. If you have a backyard that people can chill at, there are many opportunities. Barbeque is one of them, it is a traditional weekend gathering to eat, laugh, and have fun. One can also host movies watching outside if you have a projector.

two men sitting on grass field


Scavenger Hunt

You all can interact and have fun but without all being in one place at the same time. If you like organizing things, you can create a scavenger hunt outside. 

It is an activity where the teams (like two people or each one alone) are following the quest to find the particular hidden objects. 

There are numerous apps for that, for example, GooseChase. It is entertaining because it is competitive, it is safe, and you can be in a team with the people you’ve been quarantining.

Costume Party

Yes, Halloween is over, but is it really? Costume parties are amazing because you can all wear masks in a fun way and for a reason. And if costumes include gloves, it is even better. 

For example, you may choose a theme, like Star Wars. And there are lots of characters wearing masks, so the guests can have fun and still be responsible. One can also pick the theme “characters in masks” and see who will come up with the most original idea. Theme parties always add some extra fun to an evening.

Online Gaming

If you are into games, hosting an online gaming tournament might be a perfect idea. There are lots of interactive games that a friend group can enjoy together. For example, Among Us is now very popular. 

The premise is extremely simple – basically, it is some sort of good old Mafia but in space. It is more of a communication strategy than a showcase of gaming skills. And there are tons of other options. It is one of the safest ways to host a student party during a pandemic.

In Summary

It is quite possible to have a good time with your friends in 2020. Just remember the basic rules of social distancing and make sure that everyone is enjoying the party.

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