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The history of the Jeep

In the automotive history, Jeep has become an icon. The shape of the Jeep Wrangler, which is distinctive is evident, and the trade mark circular headlights and a grille that has seven slots are what has become synonymous with this particular brand. So as you go to New Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale for your preferred Jeep, how much do you know about its history and the ties it has with the USA?

1941 – The first Jeep

The Willys MS, the first Jeep, was produced for military use in 1941 during the second world war. The first civilian Jeep was built in 1945.  While there is a dispute about how the Jeep name came to be, most of the people concede that it could have been an alteration of the GP – government purpose.

1950 – The first variation

After the end of WWII, the Jeep was encouraged to research for new alternatives for different uses of the Jeep vehicle where it could serve. It is then that the CJ-V35/U was manufactured with about 1000 made with the primary purpose being to operate in portions of time underwater with a system of scuba on the engine that allowed airflow from just above the vehicle.

1965- Jeep turns to trucks

While the Jeeps are well known across the world because of their military use, and their buggy style for use by the civilians off road, the Jeep has come up with several trucks over the existence of the brand. It is in 1965 that the brand developed the M715, which was a truck for the army, and it is a model that was used extensively during the Vietnam war. The vehicle still is used heavily in various countries outside the United States of America, and nowadays it is produced under the license of Kia.

1987 – New branding

Since the original Willys MS in 1941, the Jeep has moved through various brand owners through the year with the most notable one being by the Chrysler Corporation. With the Jeep struggling to be able to make money for the American company, in 1987, it was purchased by Chrysler. The new ownership started producing for the civilian some notable Jeep with changes by branding, which was the Jeep Wrangler.

1987 – The Jeep Wrangler

It was first produced in 1987, and it is an iconic vehicle for Jeep. It is well known for its simple design with rugged capabilities off-road; it has maintained its pace as the staple in the Jeep model line up from the time of inception. The original one ran between 1987 to 1995 – the YJ model, the next model, the TJ, ran from 1997 to 2006. Next, there was the JK model that ran from 2007 to date.

2007 – New roads and customers

Chrysler did more research on new ways of offering vehicles to demands which were now increasing and the population of buyers becoming diverse. In 2007, there was an introduction by the Jeep to about two variations which hoped for success, but it did not come with a model such as Liberty, the Jeep then unveiled the Patriot and Compass.

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