How Mark is Redefining Marketing and Helping Artists Reach New Bounds

“Mark Certified is Transforming the World of Digital Marketing”

In Adolescence, students are mostly worried about their studies. Mark was not like others. Since his adolescence, he has been a visionary. Mark Certified has been making a way for himself through finding unique solutions to today’s toughest problems within the marketing world. He’s always had a sixth sense for the right move to make. This has helped him tremendously in navigating as a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur.  Mark currently helps various artists and influencers obtain fame. He aids them in maneuvering effectively throughout the music industry. Mark has also created various brands that help push artists, influencers, and other brands in the right direction.

Allowing Artists to Showcase their Talent on Social platforms like Twitter and Instagram

Social media is playing a crucial role in today’s world. To reach millions of people, you just pick up your phone, download a few apps, and begin to post content.  That’s what Mark did. He began a new rap page named “Major Leakz.” He was able to grow the account to several thousand followers and began using it as a platform to market hip-hop artists. After a few successful months, Mark decided to expand his horizons, and decided to offer marketing services for all musicians, influencers, models, athletes, celebrities, and businesses worldwide. Mark is currently running campaigns for industry moguls, famous artists, and various large emerging artists and influencers. He has been able to dramatically grow his network as a mainstream marketing agency.

Man Behind The scene

In our daily lives, we see many actors, musicians, prosperous business people, and celebrities who are all over social media. We never consider what could be the reason for their successful publicity. Behind each and every viral celebrity is a man who runs a successful marketing campaign. Similarly, Mark gave new artists a full opportunity to showcase their skills and show their strength to the world. Mark allows smaller artists to have the chance to obtain viral exposure. He understands the ins and outs of the music business and has spent years analyzing social media platforms. He specializes in getting his clients heard around-the-clock. Mark has developed major growth strategies on all social media platforms and has led the charge in digital marketing and public relations in 2020.

The Viral Goat’s stage was always set to help artists

Now his company “Viral Goats” is all set for new challenges. The main aim of the company is to help artists grow their brands and reach organic viral audiences. After analyzing 2019 “Certified Viral” statistics, Mark is hoping to take his knowledge of running major campaigns for labels and large artists and apply it to his artists and brands.

Creation of more and more opportunities

Mark has entered into the realm of full-time artist management and creative direction. He now wants to move through the industry with a combination of new artists and influencers. He has been working with multiple other industry moguls to launch a new firm: GHOST Creative Management Agency.


The main aim is to get artists linked with vast networks of industry execs, viral marketing and putting them in different positions to win big in the music industry. Mark has devoted his life to helping young artists navigate the complex world of entertainment.

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