Ish Soul’s — The Love In The Pain Capsule — is a One of This Year’s Best Projects

Ish Soul’s — The Love In The Pain Capsule — is a One of This Year’s Best Projects

With the words of the Indie Artists reigning over the Music Industry. The subtle layers of emotions that are persistent in the rhythm and chords of their instrumentals create harmony. The hope of versatility is still alive in the lyrics that hold the most beautiful flavor of life with each beat levitating the paramount of survival. The Commercialization of Art has destroyed the true essence of the art form. Thousands and thousands of Independent Musicians take their vocals out into the world and perpetuate the fervor by questioning stereotypes, norms, loss and heartbreak. Their voice is redefining the walls of humanity.

One of the standout Independent Artists is Ish Soul. His words and the rhythm have deepened the scars of its listeners. The singer released his Highly-Anticipated Debut EP Entitled- “The Love in The Pain Capsule”, a 13-minute diary consisting of four songs, that depict the layers of seclusion, heartbreak, loss and sorrow that he feels throughout. Each word laminates the discomfort vividly.

The lead track, Love in the Pain, disseminates the various layers of internal struggle with revelations standing out in the form of his past mistakes. It centers the tone towards the lost love and how the excruciating pain is tearing him apart from reality. While wearing the flaws on his sleeves, the singer is also trying to evoke his personal identity, confronting his love each day in an effort to fix the relationship.

The rhythm drives forward the eternal anguish as he uses lyrics suggesting that he can still feel the traces of Love subjected in the Pain. The women of his life had left his sight, forcing him to shed his tears. In the songs first half, he describes the strings with which the love was connected. They could share their dreams together, with the touch of kiss, symbolizing the romanticism.

The differences left him at the edge of isolation. He concludes that his heart was that of a lion, but it made him weaker as she went away. These words define his anguish. He croons in the first half of the song. She is his ride, and she defines his destiny, his will to live, and his stresses immensely.

The rhythm constructs the dilapidated chords. It endures the layers of emotions Soul has carried on for days. He is trying to lay down his identity that is lost somewhere. He feels he has kept himself hostage for a long time.

While the lyricism stands out on its own, it is also driven forward by the emotion in Soul’s vocal performances. Through the journey that evokes the metaphor of anguish, Soul is crooning his heart out throughout the entirety of this EP. His voice almost resembles a cry for help — he is drowning in an ocean of his own grief, and he is yelling out to shore in an effort to capture the ears of anyone standing nearby.

Through the sound of his music, Soul is able to create a fully fleshed out artistic statement. His sentiments are also accompanied by an equally cohesive set of instrumentals.

Soul never backs out, when it comes to emotional honesty. These songs are dark, raw and depressing. It successfully deepens the scars of its listeners. The EP has proved to be an outbreak for this upcoming indie artist on the block. Listen to the Love in the Pain Capsule now on all major streaming platforms!

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